5 things to start doing every day

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

5 things to start doing every day

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I don't know about you, but I view every fall as a chance to lay out new goals or plans for the rest of the year. The back to school season seems like the perfect time to set some new "new year's resolutions". For some reason, this time of year has always felt this way for me. You've got just a few months left to meet your goals for 2016! (Crazy, right?!) The 5 tasks below are all things I've started doing recently and have made such a positive impact on my day to day life.

1. Hydrate before you caffeinate

hydrate before you caffeinate

During the summer, I decided I wanted to start trying to kick my caffeine/coffee addiction. I drank it every day, whether I really needed the energy boost or not. I wanted it to start actually help to increase my energy so I cut back on it. I adopted the strategy of hydrate before you caffeinate. This is not a new message, as there are many articles written on it already. Water fires up your metabolism, flushes out toxins, and ultimately hydrates you. Most of the time, when I drink water first, I find I don't even need or want the coffee anymore. (And it makes the coffee I do drink that much more satisfying!) Even without the caffeine from coffee, I find I am energized just from the water. Give it a try sometime! If you don't think you can skip coffee first thing, try just drinking a glass of water at the same time.

2. Take your vitamins

sundown naturals calcium gummies

sundown naturals vitamins

One thing my insurance does, is let us earn points for healthy habits that go towards HRA or HSA funding. We can earn points for logging daily work outs or getting a flu shot, for example. At a recent doctor's appointment, my doctor said one thing I could do if I wanted to earn more points was start taking vitamins. I always try to maximize the points I earn, so I pretty much immediately went to Walmart to pick some out. I was drawn to the Sundown Naturals® brand, as they have so many different varieties to choose from. I knew I wanted a gummy vitamin for taste and their selection did not disappoint. One thing I don't get enough of in my diet is calcium. I cannot drink regular milk, so while there are many sources of calcium I know I don't get the recommended amount. I picked up these calcium gummies from Sundown Naturals® to help me get more calcium (and to earn more points)! They are super delicious, too.

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3. Step away from the screen

lauren conrad celebrate

This has been a new year's resolution for me for probably 2 years and counting. I feel like it's something we can always get better at. I work at a desk job so I am on my computer all day. The last thing I want to do is get home from work and then stare at a computer screen for three more hours, watch TV all night, or play on my phone. It's very easy during the summer to step away from the screen as Tyler and I love to be active and do things outside, like go for a walk on the neighborhood trail. It's a little more difficult once it cools down. I think it's important to find a hobby that doesn't involve a screen. Two of my favorites are reading or playing the piano. Eventually during the evening, I do turn to a screen of some sort. (I can't resist a few episodes of Modern Family at night!)  Let's be honest, it'd be pretty hard to avoid a screen for all hours of the day. Try to find some new activity you can do for a few hours, at least!

4. Work in an office all day? Find a standing desk

fall outfit ideas

My office recently got remodeled and one thing that was added was plenty of standing desks. I love it! I try to take at least one meeting from a standing desk a day. It makes such a huge difference in my energy if I get up and stand for an hour or two during the middle of the day. Also, I find that I don't feel nearly as lazy if I stand for a few hours a day. Does anyone else feel like a huge lazy pile if they just sit all day haha!? If you can't work at a standing desk, check your posture throughout the day. Another thing you could add to your daily schedule is a walk around the office. During the warmer months quite a few people where I work will take a walk to the end of the parking lot and back. It feels good to get up and get moving throughout the day!

5. Give Thanks

thank you cards

While most of these other tasks all relate to something physical, this one relates more to a mental improvement. I read a quote on Pinterest once that said "What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?" It really stuck with me. I feel like it can be applied so many ways. Whether that is thanking someone for holding the door open for you, writing a hand written thank you note for someone who did something nice, or praying about it, I truly think it pays off to show gratitude. In a time when it can be hard to find someone with manners, be that person. One thing I always try to do is write hand written thank you notes, and I have received positive comments about it often! This is not a common thing to do, besides for a big event like a wedding, so people really take notice if you do. If someone writes me a thank you for something I did, it makes me want to continue doing nice things for them because I know they appreciated it! Give thanks where it is due, and I really think it will improve your day (and the person on the receiving side)!

These are the five things I have started doing every day. They have all had a positive impact on my daily life. Anything you think I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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11 thoughts

  1. Great tips! I need to work on the "hydrate before you caffeinate" tip. I'm drinking a cup of coffee right now, first thing! :) OOPs!

  2. I always drink a glass of water the minute I get up. Wakes me up. Makes me feel like I an breath.
    I need to check out those vitamins. i've been looking for a good calcium one.

  3. I love this post, such great tips! I recently started drinking water before my coffee every morning and I definitely drink LESS coffee because of it. I also need to be better about taking vitamins, I haven't been consistent in that for a very long time!

  4. I love all of these tips! I definitely need to work on the hydrating before caffeinating! Tea/coffee is the first thing I grab when I wake up!


  5. Great tips. I always drink a glass of water as soon as I wake up.

  6. So true that you need to remember to drink water and take vitamins! I forget the vitamins all the time haha Great post :)

    xx SofiaaDot

  7. Great to-do's, lady! A few people in my office have standing desks, and I'm curious about getting one! Maybe I should. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. What a great post. I agree with the first three so much and those are healthy habits I choose myself daily. I used to write more thank you notes and cards and I need to get back into doing them. I think they will make me and the person who gets them, feel great!

    P.S. Your outfit is simple but oh so cute!

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