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Easter Basket Ideas for a One Year Old

Friday, March 12, 2021

Believe it or not, Easter is right around the corner! Which means, it's time to start planning your child's Easter basket. As a parent, it is so fun to make holidays fun for your children. Seeing their excitement brings so much happiness. However, it does take planning! It can be hard to know what to include in an Easter basket - as you want something fun but also don't want to go over the top. In today's post, I am sharing my ideas for what to put a one year old's Easter basket.  (All links in this post are affiliate links.) 

I love sticking with the ever-popular saying of "Something They Want, Something They Need, Something To Wear, and Something To Read" for holidays. A child's Easter basket is a great way to gift things they will need for the warm weather! For us that means our son is getting a swimsuit, for example.  

If your kid is old enough, they will probably LOVE to play with Easter eggs. My son is 14 months old and he is fascinated with Easter eggs. No lie, he will play with them for 20 minutes... he loves to put them together and take them apart. (These ones are only $1 for 12!) If you have any in your house and they aren't sitting out yet, let your child play with them! There are lots of fun ideas for color matching games on Pinterest involving Easter eggs, too. I love this one for when our son is a little older. 

What are you getting your child for Easter? I'd love to know and have more ideas to refer back to for next year! If you have any other ideas for what to put in an Easter basket for a toddler please leave them in the comments! 

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Something They Want

  1. Dimpl -The Dimpl is the perfect baby toy! It is quiet, easy to transport, and keeps their attention. The different sized silicone bubbles are fun for the little one's to "pop". It's like bubble wrap that never ends. We love this toy and it is great for on-the-go! 
  2. Bath Toy - We are big fans of bath time in this house. If your little one also loves bath time, I am sure they would love new toys to play with during bath time! The basketball hoop is so fun and is sure to be a hit as you cheer your kiddo on while they make baskets. I also think this Tugboat is adorable. It can scoop water and has a spout for pouring. I know my son would think dumping the water out is super cool! 
  3. Little Tikes Golf Set - Our son is getting this golf set with his Easter basket this year. He thinks it is fun to hit golf balls with Dad, so we think he will enjoy having this to play with. At the time of posting, you can clip a coupon at checkout to save almost $7 at checkout! 

Something They Need

  1. Plate - Holidays are a great time to update/replenish anything your child needs to eat. We actually gave our son this plate for Valentine's Day. Fair warning, the suction is no joke haha. I like the dividers to help make sure I offer enough variety on his plate, but it does also come without dividers if you would prefer.
  2. Sunscreen - With the weather warming up, you're probably spending more time outside. Don't forget the sunscreen! I like to have a sunscreen stick handy to make it easy to apply to his face.
  3.  Fruit and Veggies Applesauce On-The-Go Pouch- When you were growing up, your Easter basket probably had candy or other treats in it. While you can't give a one year old jelly beans, you can still include some fun snacks in their basket! We included teething wafers in our son's Christmas stocking, and that would be another good option for Easter too.

Something To Wear

  1.  Swimsuit - As mentioned above, our son is receiving a swimsuit in his Easter basket. Specifically, he is getting the turtle swimsuit you see in the image above. I think it is so adorable! Easter is a great time to gift your children with warm weather gear. Macy's is one of my favorite places for baby gear and they have a huge baby swim selection as well. 
  2. Sandals - If you already have sandals in your child's current shoe size I am crazy impressed. Our son needs some for this year, so they'd be a great addition to his Easter basket! 
  3. Pajamas - Spring is a great time to refresh your little one's pajamas! Time to swap out the fleece, winter PJs with something lighter. I love these space themed pjstoo. 
Something To Read 

  1. Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs? (Lift-the-Flap Book) - My mom actually gifted this book to our son last year for his 1st Easter. It is a fun story where you search all over for the hidden Easter eggs. At 14 months old, our son is obsessed with activity books. Lift the flap, touch-and-feel, poke-a-dot... anything like that he absolutely loves. A lift the flap book would be a great option for a one year old's Easter basket. Open The Garage Door is one of our favorites! 
  2. Poke-A-Dot Book - Our son received one of these books for his first birthday and he loves it! The book does say ages 3+ but he is able to push all of the dots without problem. Like I mentioned above, any activity type book he is really into these days! 
  3. What a Wonderful World - This is one of my favorite books to read to my son. It is the the lyrics to "What a Wonderful World" and the illustrations are beautiful. All the pretty landscape pictures would be perfect for spring! 

Hopefully this post gave you some ideas for what to include in a 1 year old's Easter basket! If you have other ideas or suggestions, please share them in the comments! 

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