September Favorites

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Can you guys believe it is the last day of September?! How is that even possible!? I am pretty in love with watching YouTube videos from Beauty Guru's and at the end of every month they do a "favorites" post. They share their favorite hair, skin, and clothing items. I thought I would mimic it on my blog today... so here are my September favorites!

<<<EDIT: I was featured on Simple Easy Style's Friday Link Up! Go check it out :) >>>

Beauty Item

I discovered the Clarisonic Mia 2 about three weeks ago, and I absolutely love it. This product cleans my face so well and leaves my skin feeling so soft! I have been having a rough time with my skin lately and this product has cleaned up my acne and has prevented new pimples from forming. It is a bit of an investment, but I highly recommend it! I only wish I would have taken the plunge sooner. Shop the clarisonic here.  Watch a review of the product here.


I purchased this JCrew inspired necklace from Fancy Frills Boutique on Groopdealz. I seriously love this necklace and the price could not be beat! Check out how I styled it here.

Blog Post

It was hard to decide what my favorite blog post was from the past month. These are my two favorites though!  The first is a color blocking outfit and the next is tips on cleaning out your closet.

TV Show

The Voice started last week! I don't know if any of you love this show as much as I do... but I am obsessed! Blind auditions are going on now and you should definitely tune in. As of right now, I think Christina has the best team. How about you!?

What are your September favorites?!

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16 thoughts

  1. Posts like this are always so much fun!

    Do you find the Clarisonic helps brighten your skin overall? I've been noticing small flaws with my skin these days, and not sure how to correct them. I wonder if something like that would help at all.

    Hope your week starts off well!

    xoxo Jackie

    1. Hi Jackie!

      The Clarisonic has honestly improved my skin so much. The way my skin feels after using it is amazing; it's sooo soft. I can say it definitely helps improve the texture of my skin and that it helps remove and prevent pimples (which is the main reason why I bought it). The only thing I haven't seen a huge improvement in is my black heads... but I'm hoping that as I use it more they will start to go away! They're slightly better but nothing like what I want them to be haha.I would think the Clarisonic would accomplish what you want it to! If you're worried about it; Clarisonic has a return policy on their website if you aren't satisfied with it and I know that Ulta has a return policy also! I was concerned about the money so I made sure to buy it somewhere I could return it :). I hope that helps!!


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  2. I'm actually going to post my own September favorites tomorrow haha. I always love reading these kind of posts & of course sharing my own ;) Great review for the Clarisonic Mia 2!

  3. Love your outfit!
    Following you.

  4. I love that color-blocking outfit! Too Cute!

    Brittany x

  5. Love that gorgeous necklace and the colour block outfit! :)

  6. Love your favorites! I am asking for a Clarisonic this Christmas! I have been wanting one so badly!

  7. Great post! Love it! I'm you new follower! Tomorrow on my blog my September Favorites! Check it out! :) xoxo

  8. I love the necklace!!!! Amazing! Would you like to follow each other?


  9. Ooooh, I love The Voice. I think I agree about Team Christina. My favorite so far is the 20 year-old kid whose dad is a pastor. Also: the Mia 2 is amazeballs. I got mine about 6 months ago and I love it.

    Young SF Lady

  10. Great post!! I really want to try that Clarisonic Mia 2.


  11. I also feel like the time was sprinting. it's already october. how?

  12. ugh, i seriously need to organize my closet. my problem is that i start, run out of steam and leave the rest and then it just sits like that for months!! i need to hire someone to do this for me!

    Vodka and Soda


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