10 ways to wear a herringbone vest

Monday, January 04, 2016

10 ways to style the herringbone vest

Happy Monday! Today is my birthday and Tyler and I are currently in Las Vegas celebrating! If you are following along on Instagram, then you have seen some behind the scenes of our trip. My birthday present this year was getting to see Britney Spears in concert!!! (#BESTPRESENTEVER) I can't wait to recap our trip for you all on the blog later.

Today I am sharing with you all 10 ways to style the herringbone vest. I realized I have worn it multiple times here on the blog, so I wanted to do a summary post for easy inspiration.  Also, I would love if you would pin the top image to one of your Pinterest boards! :) I have linked any similar items that are available below each picture.

Original Post: #Basic

herringbone vest with hunters

||similar herringbone vest | Express portofino blouse | similar blanket scarf | Express jeans | Hunter rain boots||

Original Post: White Denim and Herringbone

red top with a herringbone vest

||similar herringbone vest | similar sweater||

Original Post: Gingham and Herringbone

herringbone and gingham

||similar herringbone vest | similar gingham top||

Original Post: Schedule Change

black skirt with the herringbone vest

||similar herringbone vest | similar skirt | Tory Burch Revas | Target v-neck||

Original Post: Milwaukee Day One

herringbone vest and a striped top

||similar herringbone vest | Express jeans | similar riding boots | similar striped top||

Original Post: Stripes and Herringbone

herringbone vest with stripes

||similar herringbone vest | Express jeans | similar riding boots | Old Navy tunic||

Original Post: Kisses for Herringbone

valentines day outfit idea

||similar herringbone vest | Tory Burch riding boots | SheIn lip print blouse||

Original Post: Veteran's Day

chambray with herringbone

||similar herringbone vest | J.Crew Factory chambray top | similar American flag scarf||

Original Post: Herringbone X Stripes

stripes with herringbone

||similar herringbone vest | similar striped dress||

Original Post: Herringbone Vest with Emerald

herringbone and emerald

||similar herringbone vest | Boohoo leather leggings c/o | Loft emerald blouse | similar wedge booties||

Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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46 thoughts

  1. you are beautiful.so fashion.http://www.marieaustralia.co

  2. Thanks for sharing your beauty secrets with us ! Gorgeous as always


  3. Amazing place! You look so pretty and stylish!


  4. I have very white skin, so tanning is not really my thing :) You look fabulous, as always!


  5. You have totally made use of that vest purchase and styled it so many great ways!! Given me lots of ideas too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Darcy, Happy Birthday... yay... so nice that you are getting a present that you love, enjoy the concert... Have the best day for your special day xox

  7. Love this post because I'm obsessed with my herringbone vest! I love how you mixed it with other patterns here!


  8. My herringbone vest is such a staple piece.. I could wear it every day! It is so versatile, and I love that you can wear it with so much!

  9. Love this! So many cute ways to wear a vest. I really love the 1st one and the one with the kiss button-up shirt underneath. So cute!

  10. Happy Birthday! What a treat! I pinned your image. I really love the one with the red Hunter boots (I have a pair!) and it with the green top and faux leather leggings. Thanks for the inspiration!


  11. Happy Birthday Darcy! That is so awesome you saw Britney! I bet she put on a fabulous concert. LOVE that vest. It goes with everything.

  12. Ok, now I want a vest like that!! I didn't know it would go with so many things.. I would have just paired it with a black or white plain shirt.. boring. This is why people like me read blogs like yours. We need help. :-)

  13. Happy Birthday!!!!!
    I love all of these, but I have to say my favorite is the herringbone with a basic long sleeve/blanket scarf and with stripes. I love the mix up of prints!

  14. Happy birthday! I hope you have such a great day! I love how you can style this vest so many ways!

  15. I'm so jealous that you're getting to see Britney in concert! I hope you're having the best birthday in Vegas and seeing Britney live! I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

  16. That vest I swear was the first and only time I have paid full price for retail and it was the best investment. It seriously goes with everything!

  17. Happy New year! Ohh I wish I had this vest right now! It's so cold in my office!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  18. I literally only have one vest in my closet--I obviously need to step up my game! So jeal you are getting to see Britney, that is on my bucket list!

  19. Happy Birthday Beautiful!!! So excited for you! Can't wait the see your "Vegas Baby" pictures!!! You deserve to be celebrated, may this night be Ahhhmazing.....like you!!

  20. I can't decide which look I love the most.Great combos.


  21. Loving all of these looks, especially the ones with pops of red or stripes. Best vest ever <3

    Green Fashionista

  22. Soooo many ways to wear this vest- I love it mixed with other prints! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  23. Love the vest! Is yours from J Crew? I have one that's a knockoff from last year and I haven't worn it much since.. thanks for the inspiration because I didn't know it goes with so many colors! Happy New Year!


    1. Hi Virginia! Mine is from the J.Crew Factory from last year! I'm in love with it. I am glad I could give you some inspiration! Happy New Year!

  24. Cute post you put together! In all honestly, with the way you styled it, at first glance you can't even tell it's the same vest :)

    House of Illusions

  25. You're literally the proof that you can wear that vest with anything. I love how you have so many options that mix patterns!

  26. Hi Darcy. I am going sort of backwards and catching up with one of your latest outfits but I definitely wanted to wish you a Very Happy New Year first of all. Hope 2016 is great all around! I will definitely catch up tomorrow on my day off. I have your blog and a few other I plan on catching up on.

    I am always amazed by how you style this super versatile and so chic Herringbone Vest. I only found a vest like this in two websites this past few months but both of them were sold out in my size darn it. Such chic Fall and Winter Looks, Darcy. =))

    All right, I will catch up again very soon. <3 Ada.

  27. I can't believe that I still don't own one of these super cute vests! You look so cozy & chic



  28. Every look is cute. Nice post! Happy New Year!!


  29. thanks for the ideas! you see this vest every where, all the same. glad to see someone switch it up!
    Southern Elle Style

  30. Whyyyyyy do I still now own one of these fabulous vests? ugh. You look so great... making me wish that I had one to wear right now!
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  31. I love this post! I have a similar vest and I wear it all the time. Can't wait to hear all about your Vegas trip - I would love to see Britney in concert there!
    Charlene xo
    The Frugal Fashionista

  32. ahh happy birthday girl!! Love how you styled this vest in so many ways, I still can't believe I don't have a Herringbone vest!

  33. You have so many great options here!! I love this vest. Every time I see it out in the wild I want to run and buy it. You look amazing in all of these!

    Cameron Proffitt

  34. I love all of these different ways you've styled your vest! I have a similar vest and I really love how deep the pockets are.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  35. Love the versatility of that vest! Such great staying ideas!


  36. All of these looks are so adorable! I love the one with the lipstick print!

    Fizz and Frosting

  37. The ideas are endless! Happy belated Birthday! Too bad we just missed each other!

    Amanda || www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  38. Such a great combo!! I need a herringbone vest asap

  39. The stripes and herringbone vest is my all-time favorite! I wear this all the time!! <3

    Amanda | www.TheChambrayBunny.com

  40. I totally needed this post! I have had a vest since November and still haven't found just the right pairing to make me feel like it's working for me. I think I should have sized up too so that is probably one reason it's feel off.

  41. My favorite is the lip print blouse! I have seen this vest all over IG , but I have not really thought it was something I would wear. I love the way you styled this one piece and I will have to pick one up next time I see one on sale!

  42. I hope you had a nice birthday once again. Happy belated 25th! I bet Vegas was fantastic! I keep coming back to this super stylish post with that amazing herringbone vest. The first outfit, the third one and the last two (in the order you listed them) are my favorite ways you styled the vest.

  43. I like the vest best with the stripes, any variation you are wearing actually. I'm not so fond of the plaid, maybe because it's purple.


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