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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hi everyone! It's been awhile is quite the understatement but... it's been awhile! If you were (and still are) subscribed to this blog then you probably know that I haven't posted on here in a very long time - over 18 months.

show me your mumu blossom hacienda maxi dress | floral off the shoulder dress | a memory of us blog

||Show Me Your Mumu Hacienda Maxi Dress (same dress, different colors available here)||

I could go into a long explanation of why I stepped away from this little space on the internet, but to put it simply it just wasn't making me happy anymore. When I first started blogging, I was so incredibly passionate about it. I would go to work and basically just think about my blog and ideas I had for it all day. I could spend four hours every night working on my blog and not get bored. There were never enough hours in the day or week - I always wanted to devote more time to my blog.

skiing in winter park colorado | a memory of us blog

||skiing at Winter Park - March 2018||

However, towards the end I honesty had to force myself to blog. Instead of blogging being something that I wanted to do, it was something that I had to do. When I stepped away from my blog, I also stepped away from basically everything else blog related. I don't think I read another blog for like 3-4 months and I had zero interest in Instagram. (I even got an email from Instagram saying they missed me because I hadn't opened the app in so long... who knew they would do that ha?!) By the end just all the fun and joy was gone. I could go way more into details about what pushed me this way, but I'll spare you them for now.

Anastasia the musical in NYC | A Memory of Us Blog

||Seeing Anastasia the Musical in NYC - May 2017||

Ever since December I have been toying with the idea of bringing my blog back. I have missed having a place to document exciting things happening in my life...so here we are! The blog will be way less structured and more life focused than fashion focused. I want the blog to include all the things I'm interested in -- traveling, reading, skin care, cooking, decorating, and some fashion.

faux leather mini skirt with over the knee boots | a memory of us blog

||Over the Knee Boots (under $100) | Free People Faux Leather Mini Skirt | similar white turtleneck | Kendra Scott Alex Earrings||

Next week's post is going to be a recap of a Texas road trip we took last year. I have some other fun post ideas that I can't wait to share too -- such as my favorite books I've read, a review of Rent The Runway Unlimited, how I framed my wedding dress, etc.

This post is filled with pictures of Tyler and I from vacations, weddings and family events during the time I wasn't blogging.  I am looking forward to documenting important and fun moments again! I hope you will follow along! : )

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