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Monday, November 23, 2020

My Favorite Local KC Shops | A Memory of Us

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Now more than ever, it is important to shop small. We all should do what we can to support the local businesses in our area. Today, I thought I would round up some of my favorite local KC businesses. This is just a small list - there truly are so many great shops to highlight. I did limit my list below to places that have a good website you can shop through. There are some local stores that I love, but that you can't purchase online. I know it is not always easy to shop small or local. However, if we all make an effort to shop small more often it will make a big difference! I have seen interviews with small business owners in the past saying that if they just received one extra order a day it would make such an impact in their bottom line. In the spirit of holidays, try to to purchase at least one gift this season from a local business! 

If you have a favorite local KC shop, please leave it in the comments so that we can all support more local businesses! 

Clothing and Jewelry

1. Love Letters KC: Love Letters KC is one of my favorite stops for cute KC gear! They have so many great shirts, sweatshirts, and hats to represent KC sports teams, or just the city in general. This is my favorite shirt from them that I own currently! It's perfect for Chiefs football season. 

2. Charlie Hustle: Charlie Hustle is another great shop to pick up KC gear. Charlie Hustle is probably best known for their shirts with the heart that have a "KC" in the middle of it, but they have soooo many other great options. They also have a fun "Hometown Collection" that highlights special interests to KC such as the plaza lights, the Nelson Atkins art museum, BBQ, and more.  If you aren't a KC sports fan, they also have gear available for other schools in the area such as Nebraska, Arkansas, and Iowa. I personally have one of their hearts with an "NE" in the middle. It doesn't look like they sell those anymore, but here is their Nebraska collection. 

3. Made in KC: Made in KC is a one stop shop for locally made goods. They have multiple locations in the city now and the one on the Plaza is amazing!! It a huge store that even has a bar, coffee shop, treats, and more. You can find awesome KC gear, candles, jewelry, chocolate, BBQ sauce, etc.  "Go Chiefs Go" is a great addition to your little one's library to help commemorate the 2019-2020 Kansas City Chiefs season. We own this book and the rhymes and illustrations are fantastic.  I also have this KC hat from them and love it.

4. Meierotto Jewelers: Meierotto Jewelers is by far my favorite local KC jewelry store. Our wedding rings are from there, and so is my ring that my husband gifted me when our son was born. They have high end pieces, estate sale pieces (that are so fun to browse), and even some of the more affordable brands like Alex and Ani and Kendra Scott. At the time of this posting, they have free shipping on all orders so it is really easy to support a local store for any jewelry needs. Their store itself is also amazing and really impressive. Post-Covid you must go check it out -- they even offer coffee, beer, and treats for guests. (Although I am sure that is all put away right now.) My husband and I still talk about how many jelly beans we ate while choosing our wedding bands. 

5. Sincerely, Ellis: Sincerely, Ellis is one of my favorite local boutiques. Check them out for some cute tops, dresses, pants and more! 

Food and Drink

1. The Roasterie: The Roasterie a local coffee shop that continually comes out with new, fun coffee blends. You can purchases coffee beans online, as well as brewing equipment. Once it is safe to do so, taking a tour of their operation is really fun too! They also sell other merchandise like Charlie Hustle t-shirts, prints, and coffee mugs. 

2. Headrush Roasters: Headrush Roasters another favorite local coffee shop. You can purchase their coffee and tea online.

3. Boulevard: Boulevard Brewery is a favorite for beverages, but they also have an amazing gift shop of local goods! They have a small selection of prints, t-shirts, and candles available online.

4. Jack Stack BBQ: Everybody in KC has a favorite BBQ place, and Jack Stack is one of mine. You can even order BBQ and some of their spices and sauces online

Home Decor and Gifts

1. Nell Hills: Nell Hills is an amazing home decorating shop located in Briarcliff Village. Pre-Covid I could spend forever walking through the store getting ideas. They have furniture, Christmas decor, tabletop pieces, candles, and more. 

2. Hallmark: Hallmark is great stop for fun gifts. They may be primarily known for their cards or ornaments, but they have so many fun goodies! The baby book I am using for my son is actually from there. Other things you can find at Hallmark are candles, picture frames, coffee mugs, and more. 

3. Jorjy: Jorjy is lifestyle and home decor store. The owner of Jorjy also runs Lauren Alexandra, which is a children's boutique. I am a big fan of the unique game night selections at Jorjy, but they also have great decor pieces.

Children's Clothing, Toys, and Books

1. Lauren Alexandra: Lauren Alexandra is an adorable children's boutique owned by the same people who own Jorjy. Lauren Alexandra has adorable baby clothing, books and toys, and even stuff for mom and dad (like jewelry or journals).

2. Mama and Me Children's Boutique: Mama and Me Children's Boutique is in Liberty, MO. There you can find everything including clothes, toys, books, and even items like bibs or plates for meal time. Be sure to check out their "last chance" section for some amazing deals! 

3. Rainy Day Books: Rainy Day Books is a local bookstore that has been in business since 1975! Want to give someone some books but not sure what to select? They have curated gift boxes that do the work for you! 

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