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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Baby Products to Buy From Small Businesses | Small Businesses to Buy Baby Products From | A Memory of Us

||Solid Starts courses | Ink Spots Gallery camping prints* | Grabease double sided toothbrush | Ro-Sham-Bo Zack Morris Sunglasses | Primary light-weight puffer baby jacket | Pipette Baby Shampoo and Wash* | Eloise and Lolo Original Diaper Bag Backpack | Ezpz Tiny Cup* | Fat Brain Toys Dimpl||

Last week, I posted about my Favorite Local KC Stores. That post included most of my favorite local places to shop. Continuing on with that theme, today I thought I would share my favorite small businesses to buy baby products from. Most of my favorite small businesses to support happen to be for baby products. (Probably because that seems to be the only thing I am buying this year!) If you have any favorite small businesses you love that sell baby products, please leave them in the comments. I love learning about new local shops that I can support when I need to buy goodies for my little one!  (Links with an * at the end are affiliate links.)

1. Ro-Sham-Bo Baby Shades - Probably my top favorite small business for baby products is Ro-Sham-Bo Baby Sunglasses. Baby sunglasses are one of those things you don't really think of until you absolutely need it. For that reason, these sunglasses are one of my favorite gifts to send to new parents! We have these for our son and absolutely love them. They don't break, clean easily, and are comfy on his little face. They also have an amazing mission, where they support an autism charity with a portion of every sale. They partner with Surfers Healing - which takes kids with autism and their families out surfing. The idea is that is program shows the kids everything they can do - not what they can't. Their Black Friday promotion is up to 25% off your purchase.

2. Primary - Primary is a great place to shop for kids clothing. Everything is great quality and is made for every kid. Each item comes in a rainbow of colors. There are no labels or weird slogans on the clothes. Just nicely made, colorful pieces.  My favorite thing we own from there currently is their light-weight puffer baby jacket. We have it in red! Their current Black Friday promotion is that if you make a purchase this weekend you get free shipping for the whole year! (They also have quite a few pieces that are 40% off.)  
3. Solid Starts - Solid Starts is my favorite Baby-Led-Weaning (BLW) Instagram account to follow for help and information about BLW. They provide soooo much information for free on their Instagram and website. I reference their first food database weekly when I want to see the nutritional value of food I am feeding our son, as well as to learn how to prepare it. They provide quite a bit of information for free on their website and Instagram, but they also have guides for feeding babies and toddlers available for purchase online.

4. Grabease - Grabease sells utensils, plates, bibs, toothbrushes and more. Grabease was started by a mom who continually noticed gaps in the products available for her own children. We use their double sided toothbrush with our little one. The double sided toothbrush means that you can brush faster - as you can be assured you are getting both top and bottom teeth in one swoop! They also partner with charities to give back to children in need with each purchase. They are currently offering up to 30% off your total purchase. 

5. ezpz* - Ezpz makes great products to help you feed your child! They sell placemats, bowls, cups, utensils, and more. Our favorite product from them is the tiny cup*. Our son has been able to drink from an open cup (with assistance) since probably 7 months because of this cup. We have since introduced sippy cups and straw cups, but keep coming back to the tiny cup.  There are a lot of benefits to a baby drinking from an open cup. For example, drinking from an open cup helps a baby's oral and speech development as well has helps baby to learn how to swallow.  They are currently offering 25% off your total purchase. Ezpz is also available at buybuy BABY*

6. Ink Spots Gallery* - Ink Spots Gallery is an Etsy store that sells adorable custom art for nurseries. They probably sell artwork for whatever nursery theme* you have chosen for your little one. They offer multiple ways to order your artwork, but we just downloaded the prints and printed them here in KC. (You can choose digital downloads, prints, or canvases at check out.) We have these camping prints* in our son's outdoor themed nursery. 

7. Big Wheels 2 Butterflies Kids Resale - Although you can't shop there online, I wanted to share one of my favorite places to get kids clothes online. Big Wheels 2 Butterflies is a kid's resale shop in Omaha, NE. I love going there when we are in Nebraska visiting family. Children grow sooo quickly, so it is nice to balance out their wardrobe with some resale items. Most of the items we purchase from there are $2! Your local area probably has a kids resale shop, so do a search to see what you can find nearby. A thrift store is always a good option too. ThredUP is an online consignment store that does sell kid items, as well. I have bought/sold clothes for myself on ThredUP in the past. 

8. Fat Brain Toys* - Fat Brain Toys* is one of my absolute favorite places to buy baby toys. I don't know that I can technically consider them a "small business" anymore because they have grown like crazy, but they are a local Nebraska company that I love! They have also partnered up with Team Jack to support pediatric brain cancer They strive for all of their toys to help provide children with a smarter way to play. (Also, most of the time after I purchase directly from their website, I get sent a survey about my experience. After I complete the survey I get a $5 coupon to use next time!) My favorite toy we have purchased from them is the Whirly Squigz*. Our son loves these large silicone spinners. (They look like an oversized fidget spinner... remember those?!) They suction to his activty table, windows, the fridge, tile floor, and more. I have also heard they are great for airplanes as they suction to windows and the trays! Our son is also receiving the Dimpl* for his first Christmas. Fat Brain Toys currently has a small selection of toys up to 70% off for Black Friday*. 

9. Pipette* - Pipette is where I purchased my son's bath and body products from. I first heard about them in a magazine. Again, not sure if I can *technically* consider them a small business since they are in Target, but I do love them! They currently have 40% off sitewide for Black Friday. All of their products are made with safe ingredients and are non-toxic. Also, they practice Carbon Neutral Shipping, which means that they offset carbon dioxide shipping emissions by funding reforestation projects and planting trees. I love their Baby Shampoo and Wash* and Baby Lotion*.

10. Eloise and Lolo - To round out this list, I wanted to share where our diaper bag is from. We have their Original Diaper Bag Backpack in Navy Blue. It has worked great for us over the last year. However, since COVID hit soon after our son was born it hasn't gotten much use this year. Shipping did take quite awhile when we ordered from them, just an FYI! They are currently offering 25% off sitewide this year for Black Friday.

I hope you were able to learn about some new small businesses to support from this post! If you have any small businesses to buy baby products from that I did not mention, please share them in the comments! 

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