The Best Planner to Use Next Year: Vision Planner Review

Friday, December 08, 2023

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If you're wondering what the best planner is for organizing your busy life, today's post is for you! 

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If one of your goals for 2024 is to get more organized, or you're looking for a new planner to use in 2024... look no further than the Bloom Vision Planner*. This is the best planner to use in 2024. 

I have used a paper planner pretty much every year since 7th grade. I love having a written list of things I need to do and important dates to remember. I've gone from using cheap planners, to paying close to $70 for my planner. About six years ago I stumbled across Bloom Vision Planner* and never looked back. This is the PERFECT planner and is right around $30. Trust me, once you see it... you won't want to buy anything else ever again.  They come out with new cover designs each year, so even though I'm repurchasing each year it still feels new. 

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Today I use my planner for everything: mom life tasks I need to remember, my daily to-do list at work, cleaning tasks that aren't repeated weekly (like cleaning the oven, for example), important dates, meal planning, etc. The Bloom Vision Planner* gives me the space for all of that and more. 

The thing that first caught my eye about the Bloom Vision Planner* was the fact that the days are vertical. Planners with sideways rectanges for the day never made sense to me. It didn't work for a to do list as tasks or items to remember were just randomly placed in the box. A vertical box made the most sense sequentially-- especially since I treat my planner as a way to keep track of my to-do list at work! Surprisngly, there are very few planners out there with veritcal days. 

Although the vertical days are what drew me to the Bloom Vision Planner*. there are so many more amazing features that really sets this apart from other planners. 

Below are the top 6 features I love in my Bloom Vision Planner*

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1. LIFE COACH PAGES: The Bloom Vision Planner* truly lives up to its name of vision planner. The start of each planner has multiple pages dedicated to writing out your vision for the year ahead. (They call them "Life Coach" pages.) I love the pages where you can set your top 5 goals for the year, things you want to look forward to, things you want to try, books to read, places to visit, things to improve on, and things to be grateful for. It is truly setting you up to have your best year ahead! In addition to the over-arching vision planning, the start of the planner also includes monthly habit tracking, a way to track what you want to do more of in the year ahead, what you want to do less of, pages to set out your ideal week, and more. I could go on and on about how amazing the start of this planner is. If you are looking for a planner that does more than keep track of your to-do list... you need to check this out. I have never seen another planner that does more to set you up for success in the year ahead.  These pages make the Bloom Vision Planner* the best planner for goal setting. 

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2. HEALTHY HABITS TRACKING: Each month in the Bloom Vision Planner*. starts with a full calendar view of the month ahead before you get a weekly view. The weekly view is where you can track those daily tasks. The healthy habit tracking is one of my favorite aspects of the week view. If you set a goal to do something X amount of times a week, you can track it here. For example, if your goal is to go to the gym 4 times a week. You can write that on the line and then fill in a circle each time you go to the gym. This visual representation will help you achieve your goals! (If you're setting more of a monthly goal ("I will move X amount of money to my high yield savings account each month"), the monthly habit tracking in the life coach pages might be a better place to track this. You'll have to play around with the planner to see what works best for you!) Again, another feature that makes Bloom Vision Planner* the best planner for tracking goals.  The screenshots above show both the habit tracking in the weekly view and in the life coach pages. 
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3. WEEKLY TOP PRIORITES: Another favorite feature of the weekly view in the Bloom Vision Planner*,  is the "Top Priorities". Let's be real - there are always a thousand things to do each week. And sometimes you may be able to get to them all, and other times you're lucky to get 1 thing done. I love that the planner gives a space to call out the top 3 things you want to do in the week. That way, there is direction and clarity as you try to figure out your week. Anything after those three tasks is a bonus! (I usually use the side column of "notes, ideas, and to dos" for anything after those top 3 weekly tasks. which can be seen in the pictures above "Healthy Habits Tracking".)

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4. MONTHLY GOALS: True to it's name, before each month calendar view,  the Bloom Vision Planner*, gives you a place to set monthly goals. They provide a few sample categories (or you can make up your own) such as personal growth, finances, fun and adventure, health and fitness, etc. The planner guides you to set the goal and then provide actionable steps you can do to make each vision a reality.  This is a great planner for goal setting and goal tracking. 

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5. QUOTES: A small aspect of the planner, but something I love is that every month kicks off what a quote. I love quotes so this is something I look forward to each month. Each monthly view in the Bloom Vision Planner*  also includes a quote, as does the weekly view. This is something small they've added to the planner when you compare it against all the vision planning tools they give you. However, quotes really do a lot to provide motivation and inspire you -- so I love that they include these!

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6. REFLECTION: I wasn't originally planning to include this since I thought 6 was an odd number to end on, however I feel this is important to mention. The Bloom Vision Planner* not only gives you the tools for the year, but also gives you a chance to look back at the year once complete AND start planning for the year ahead. When you get to the end of the planner, there is a chance for you to fill out your monthly highlights and reflect on how you did on the goals you set at the beginning of the year. It asks for lessons learned and things you want to improve in the year ahead. It also has a page to give you a spot to write important dates for next year. I particularly love this feature as I will start to have things I need to remember in January/February/March (events at my kids schools, vacations, concerts, etc.) that I find out about in October/November. Having this dedicated page at the end of the planner gives me a way to write them down so I don't forget. Then, once I start filling in next year's planner, I can reference this page to make sure I don't forget anything! It is so nice to have a way to look back at the year and start planning for the year ahead! 

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If you need a new planner for 2024 please look into the Bloom Vision Planner*. If you are looking for help setting goals in 2024 or need to get more organized, please check it out. Some other features I didn't even touch on are tracking your monthly expenses and tracking days your bills are due. 

Bloom* has a lot of other product offerings that can help you make 2024 your most organized year yet. Planner stickets, notepads, wall calendars, file folders.. you name it. I've included some of my favorites in the graphic below. 

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