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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

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If you are still trying to wrap up some shopping this week before the holidays, this gift guide is for you! Everything will ship and arrive before Christmas. This is my gift guide for a three year old. I have two little boys so my list is geared towards gifts a three year old boy would like. We have and love everything in this post. Target* is currently running a promo for toys where if you spend $50 you can save $10. Or if you spend $100 you can save $25! Take advantage of this sale to save! 

1. Magna-tiles - Magnatiles are a favorite toy in our house. They are essentially building blocks with magnets in them so that you can make really cool designs. If you don't have any Magna-tiles at home, get a big set* to start with. (Trust me, 30 pieces won't be enough!) This year, since my youngest is starting to show interest in the Magna-tiles we are expanding our collection with this Metropolis 110 piece set*. They are going to love it because it has a few new shapes and includes wheels so you can make cars! Both of my boys have winter birthdays (January and February) so we are actually holding the Magna-tiles for a birthday present as opposed to a Christmas gift. Either way though, I know they will be so excited to open it when the time comes!

2. Scooter - I don't know if there is anything my son has used more in the last year than his Micro Scooter*. He rides this thing almost every single day and he is FAST. Three colors are available at Target* for you to take advantage of the coupon. However, Amazon* does have a bigger color selection. Don't forget the helment! This is the exact toddler helment* my oldest has. We got my youngest a different bike helmet since we bought it in store, and honestly I like it a little better. Here is the link to his bike helmet*

3. Reusable Water Ballons - I know it might seem weird to include these in a Christmas gift guide for a three-year-old but once it gets hot out you will be sooo glad you have these, Reusable Water Balloons* are so fun. They reduce waste and are so much more cost effective than constantly buying new water balloons. My oldest was 3.5 this summer and able to open/fill these himself. Clip the coupon at checkout to make them less than $30! 

4. Hot Wheels - My son was gifted this race track* last year by his aunt and uncle and it was an instant hit! Very easy to store and you can race two cars at a time so we all can play. There are some very fancy sets out there that are big and bulky... this is very fun and a lot simpler*! Now for actual cars, please check with the receipient's family first to see if they need extra cars. We have sooo many hot wheels cars that we do not need any more. I feel like people just assume all boys want them. And, they probably do. (But within reason!) If you checked and they could use some cars, this is a nice gift set*

5. Coloring Book - Our kids get a new coloring book each year for Christmas, along with new crayons. These are usually an inexpensive gift idea, and you're always able to find a coloring book for their interests*.  We are obsessed with Blaze and the Monster Machine* in this house so we are gifting that coloring book. 

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6. Games - There are so many fun games you can play wiht a three-year-old! I did an entire post about it becaus we love family game night in our house so much. Head here to see my post for the best games to play with a three-year-old. Hi-Ho Cherry-O* is one of our favorite games for a three year old.

7. Swimsuit and goggles - I know, again something that might seem odd at Christmas but you'll need the next size up before you know it. I also have a lot of friends who do winter swim lessons to keep their kids used to the pool in the off-season. We have membership to an indoor pool so we are there year round, as well as do winter swim lessons. These toddler swimtrunks* are my absolute favorite. Goggles* make a great stocking stuffer. We gave these exact goggles* in his stocking last year to use for winter swim lessons!

8. Stomp Rocket - All kids like stomp rockets. I don't make the rules - they just do! Place your rocket on, jump on the launcher, and watch the rocket fly! Works both inside and out. We get this out a lot during the winter when we need to burn energy inside. Here is an option from Amazon on sale for $19.99* and here is one from Target that glows in the dark*

9. Remote Control Cars - Can you tell we like cars and things that go in our family? My son got these remote control cars* for his birthday last year and he loves to play with them! They are easy to learn and drive great on wood floor. Our basement isn't finished so he also drives it down there on carpet squares and they work great. These are a great first remote control car for your little one to try out! 

10. New Books - The holidays are a great time to update your kid's bookshelf! Invisible Scribble* is one of our recent favorites. Another recent favorite is Construction Site: Farming Strong All Year Long*. Both are currently 20% off. 

If you need additional ideas, check out my post that includes gift ideas for a two year old. Here is the link to my post for my favorite games for a three year old, as well! 

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  1. What a thoughtful and practical gift guide for three-year-olds! These gift ideas cover a range of interests and activities, ensuring that there's something for every child. The emphasis on toys that encourage creativity and physical activity is excellent. The Magna-tiles and the Micro Scooter, in particular, seem like fantastic choices for promoting both imagination and active play.

    1. Thank you so much, Melody, for your comment! I really appreciate it. Both the Magna-Tiles and Microscooter are well loved in our household!


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