My Favorite Gifts for a Two Year Old

Monday, November 27, 2023

Psst. Looking for some inspiration for a one year old? Check out this post where I reference 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your One Year Old

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1. Radio Flyer Steer and Stroll Trike - Red - I don't know if I can recommend a product more for your toddler. Both of my sons have absolutely loved this item starting at 18 months old! If your kiddo likes to be outside, or you like going for family walks, you need one of these. I love this as a gift idea for a two year old because it grows with them. First, as the parent you can push them with the handle. It also lets them get familiar with bike peddals and practice peddaling while you're doing the hard work. As your child grows, remove the handle to let them ride alone. Amazing product -- we have put so many miles on ours! 

2. Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop! 6 Piece Pretend Play Set - Another item both my children use and love. This set lets your kid have imaginative play while helping clean at home. If one of my sons sees my sweeping, they run to this set to get their own broom. They've also played with it by making both the broom and mop a horse to "ride". Before my youngest was old enough to use these as intended, he would simply carry the broom all over the house. Imaginative play is great for kids. Add this to your list!

3. Play Kitchen - Speaking of imaginative play... a kitchen is a great toy for imaginative play . Your child will love to make food. This is the exact one we have. I spent a little more because I wanted one that I liked the look of since I knew it would sit out in our living room. This white wooden play kitchen is similar but roughly $70 cheaper. Here's another one that is under $100 total. Don't have the money or the space for a full kitchen? Start with this play grill instead!  (Don't forget to order some play food for your kitchen, too!)

4. Green Toys Fire Truck - We love all things Green Toys in our house. These are quality, made in the USA, products. They are made from recycled milk bottles. Easy to clean and lots of fun for your littles. The fire truck is probably our most played with item but we also have the car transport carrier, the paddle boat, the wagon, and the dump truck .

5. Tool Set - If you have a little one who wants to always help with projects at home or be just like mom and dad, think about getting a play tool set! I am not someone who wants tons of little pieces all around the house so the ones I'm recommending are ones without lots of small screws and other pieces. This play tool set is only 6 pieces. If you're OK with more pieces you might like this wooden tool set

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6. Puzzle - Your two year old is probably ready for an upgrade in their puzzles they started with. I love this wooden alphabet puzzle. Great for practicing letters, colors, and also what words start with each letter. My son will be 2 in February and these chunky wooden puzzles are on his list this year -- construction vehicle puzzle and safari wooden puzzle.

7. Wooden Blocks - Most little ones will love anything they can build with at this age! I love these wooden blocks. Bonus is that the top of the container allows them to practice sorting and putting shapes together. This set has the option to purchase both as colored blocks or all wooden. 

8. Learning Resources Fine Motor Hedgehog - My son is getting this for Christmas this year and I am excited for him! His daycare classroom has it and he is often playing with it when I pick him up, so I know he's going to love it. This toy helps little ones build fine motor skills as they put the spikes in the hedgehog, and also gives a chance to learn colors. 

9. Zig Zag Racetrack - My eldest received this is a gift when he was 2 and my youngest now plays with it all the time. Send the cars down the track to race to the bottom. Kids are mesmerized as they flip at the end of each zig-zagging track. This is the exact one we have.

10. Little People Camper - My son actually got this when he was 1 year old and it was definitely a gift for him to grow into. (Shopping for a second child of the same gender is hard when they are little and haven't developed their own interests yet, so when he was 1 we suggested quite a few toys that would grow with him.) Once he turned 18 months old, he started getting more interested in this Little People set. The camper is sooo adorable. It plays nice music, outdoor sounds, comes with a car to pull the camper, has a kayak that sits on top of the car, and is good for pretend play.  The version we have actually included the Little People Tent too, but it looks like now those are sold separately.

Looking for more ideas? Check out my post with gift ideas for an 18-month-old here. Also, if you've got the space a play couch would make a great gift. We unfortunately don't have the space but I know my boys would love it! 

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