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Thursday, April 25, 2024

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Mother's Day is quickly approaching! At time of posting, it is about 2.5 weeks away. Today I am rounding up some Mother's Day gift ideas that would be great for your mom. A lot of gift ideas have great Mother's Day gift recommendations... but they are all things for younger or new moms. Where are the Mother's Day Gift Guides for older women? A mom in her 60s probaby wants different things than a new mom in her upper 20s! Today's post is all about Mother's Day gift ideas for older moms, or also Mother's Day Gift ideas for Grandmas. I hope you find something they'll love!

1. Swimsuit Coverup* - A new swimsuit coverup makes a great gift for Mother's Day since we are quickly approaching pool/lake/beach season! However, I don't know about you but I can't picture my mom in the trending crochet coverups that you can easily find. Here are links to two of my favorite swimsuit coverups for older women. I have actually gifted both of these to my mom! This Splitneck Swim Cover Up Dress* comes in 18 patterns so you are sure to find one that your mom will love. (I gave this one to my mom years ago!) She was ready for a change, so for her birthday in April I gave her this Cotton Jersey Hooded Cover-up Dress* for something new. Both will ship before Mother's Day and you also have the option for in-store pickup depending on how close you are to store! 

2. Bogg Bag* - A Bogg Bag* was one of your most popular items purchased in 2023. It was featured on my What's On My Christmas List This Year blog post. My husband gifted me one for Christmas and I am obsessed! My sister had previously gifted my mom one, and we actually gifted one to my mother-in-law for Christmas this year. This size* is perfect for someone who is only taking stuff for 1-2 people to the pool/beach. It comes in 14 colors so you can easliy find one that is perfect for your mom. (If you need a pool bag that will carry a family's worth of pool supplies, get the big one*!) I think this is a great mother's day gift idea for your mother-in-law or mom, as I know neither of mine would pay the money to invest in this high quality pool bag*, but they will get so much use out of it.

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3. Sand Cloud Towel - Sticking with the pool/beach theme, I have to recommend Sand Cloud Towels. These super soft towels are made from Turkish cotton, repel sand, dry 3X faster than other towels, are less bulky than other towels, and are just all around beautiful. We previoulsy purchased a bundle of 4 and split them amongst others for a gift as this was a really cost effective way to buy them. I kept the pink one for myself from that bundle and years later it still looks brand new. 10% of the profits from this brand go to Marine Convservation so it is a great gift, and great for the earth. Win-win!

4. Water Vista Sandals* - Okay, last pool themed mother's day gift idea here. These sandals* are great for the pool/water. They have water friendly straps and are quick to dry when wet. There is support from the footbed, making them really easy to walk-in. I actually purchased these for myself last year, and loved them so much I gifted a pair to my mother-in-law for her birthday! They come in 9 colors. If you only want them in black, here is link to them at DSW*. I always like to shop at DSW when I can to earn rewards points! 

5. Safe + Fair Popcorn - If your mom is someone who doesn't want anything for mother's day, but you still want to get them something, consider a bundle of Safe and Fair Popcorn. Specialty food can make a great gift for someone who has everything. One year for Mother's Day, we gifted both my mom and mother-in-law 3 fun flavors of their popcorn. They have fun flavors, and even some that are gluten free! (These would also make a great mother's day gift for your grandma!) They have fun flavors like birthday cake, choclate drizzle, honeycrisp apple, and more. At $13 a bag, they are probably not a treat you're buying on a regular basis -- so that makes them something special! It is also a great price point if you have a lot of people to buy for. 

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6. Local Coffee Beans - Similar to item number 5, coffee beans from a favorite local coffee shop make a great gift. If you are local to KC, my favorite coffee shop is Friendly Bean Coffee. If you can't get to your mom's favorite local shop, consider buying something fancier from Target than what they might normally buy, such as organic coffee*.

7. Tea and tea organizer* - If your mom or grandma is a tea drinker, this tea organizer* would make an amazing gift! I actually gifted it to my husband for his birthday one year and added 2 boxes of tea that were fanicer than he would normally treat himself to. He loved this gift and it is something practical that any tea-lover could use! (And I love that it got rid of all those tea boxes from our pantry.) Fill the organzier with 1-2 flavors of tea and you've got a great gift. I added a few from this brand* since it was a brand I knew my husband wouldn't buy himself at roughly $6 a box. 

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8. Perfume* -  Perfume might not be a unique gift idea, but it is a classic for a reason. Most people love getting new perfume! This is a great opportunity to introduce your mom, mother-in-law, or grandma to some clean beauty products. I personally cannot wait to try Dime Beauty Perfume* as soon as I'm ready for a new bottle. Consider their perfume sampler* if you aren't sure what scent they'd like best so that they can find their favorite. 

9. Cooler Bag* - I love the idea of a cooler bag* as a unique mother's day gift idea as it is easier to carry than a big, bulky cooler. If your mom or grandma goes to outdoor events in the summer (jazz in the park and theatre in the park are popular events where I live) this would be a great gift. This one* would be great if they normally take wine where they are going. This insulated cooler bag* would be better for cans. (One of these could also be great if they frequent a pool/lake/beach!)

10. Apron* - A beautiful apron is a great gift for someone who loves to cook or bake. How gorgeous are the flowers in this apron*?! I love the stripes in this one*, too. Consider adding a corresponding pot holder or oven mit to complete the gift. This oven mit* matches the floral apron linnked earlier and this pot holder* matches the striped apron. 

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11. Gardening Supplies* - If your mom loves to garden, consider some beautiful, yet functional, gardening supplies for a mother's day gift! A canvas apron*weeder gloves*arm saver garden gloves*garden kneeling pad*, or new garden shears*

12.  Things for Sleep - Okay, hear me out. I know this might seem like a random gift but if your mom, mother-in-law, or grandma has been complaining about not sleeping well.. consider some products from Rowe Casa for sleep support. I started using Rowe Casa in the fall of 2024 and it has made insane improvement in my sleep quality. My top recommendations are the Tart Cherry Sleep Support and the Magnesium Cream. This is a practical gift idea for mother's day that she is sure to use and love!

13.Filtered Water Bottle - Another product featured on my What's On My Christmas List Blog Post that I love so much I had to include it again is this Filtered Water Bottle. My husband gifted me this water bottle for Christmas and I use it all the time. I love that I can fill up anywhere and know that I am drinking safe water, since the bottle filters it for me. The filter inside the product helps protect you from contaminants.. Don't forget the replacement filter!

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