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The Best Baby Baptism Gift Ideas | What to Buy for a Gift for a Baby's Baptism

Friday, April 05, 2024

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Over the last few weeks, I have noticed quite a bit of traffic on a post I did back in November 2020 called "Small Businesses to Buy Baby Products From". Since that post seems to be resonating with blog viewers at the moment, I thought I would keep with the baby theme for this post. Today, I am sharing some baptism gift ideas for babies! 

A baptism is a special moment in a child's life -- something that is especially important to a parent. A baptism is a symbol of commitment to God. While gifts are not required to mark the occasion, loved ones often want to do something special to honor the day. We received some very thoughtful gifts from friends and family to mark the momentous occasion for each of our boys. 

It can be hard to know what to give for the day. You'll find that most gifts for a baptism reference religion in some way. In my opinion, the best baptism gift for a baby is either religious or a keepsake. Something that goes along with the spirituality of the day or something that the family will keep forever is the perfect gift for a baptism. Below are some ideas that we either received for our son's baptism, or that we have gifted to friend's for their children's baptism. Have any other ideas that you think would make a great gift for a baptism? Please leave it in the comments! (Links with an * at the end are affiliate links.)

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1. "Noah, Noah What Do You See?" book*: "Noah, Noah What Do You See?" is a great book if you are a fan of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?"*. In the Noah rendition, various bible stories are referenced. It is an introduction to so many popular bible stories. For example, you'll "see" Moses parting the red sea, Daniel in the lion den, Mary with her baby, Jesus teaching children, etc. 

2. "God Bless You and Goodnight" book*: "God Bless You and Goodnight" is one of my all time favorite baby books. In the book, you'll see different animals getting ready for bed. Animals have a snack, get in their pjs, read a book, thank God for the day, and more before falling asleep. I read this to both of my sons weekly. The book comes in multiple variations but I'd go with the touch and feel version* if you can find it. My son loves to feel the fur on the animals as he turns each page. The author, Hannah Hall, has written multiple "God Bless ____" books*, such as "God Bless Our Country"* if you're interested in more variety. 

3. Baptism Name Puzzle*: A name pizzle is a great gift for multiple ocassions -- birthday ,Christmas, Easter.. you name it. It can also be a great baptism present if you add a religious "character" to the puzzle. Our youngest has one and it was a baptism gift from his Godmother. His has his name surrounded by a dove and a cross. Here* is another one in a different shape with different elemnts you can add to it. This one*  has a lot of options for decorative elements you can add. There are a lot of choices on Etsy* so I'm sure you can find one that fits the design you're looking for! 

4. Silicone Rosary*: If you're attending the baptism for a baby, a silicone teething rosary is a great gift. This is actually part of what we gave to my husband's Goddaughter on her baptism day! If the child is out of the "putting everything in their mouth" phase you might want to consider this personalized wooden rosary*.

5. Wooden Noah's Ark Toy*: We gifted this to our nephew on his baptism day. I think you can do something fun for a baptism gift -- after all the goal is to introduce them to religion and keep them thinking and talking about Jesus. This wooden Noah's ark toy* is something fun they can play with and learn the story of Noah's ark. If you're into more muted colors, you might like this one* instead.

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6. Best Loved Bible Songs Board Book*: I'll preface this by saying I know not everyone wants books that make noise or music in their house. If that's you, skip past this recommendation. If you don't mind it... check this book* out! It includes so many of the songs you probably grew up singing in Sunday School. I have loved teaching my son the actions we used to do to "Peace Like a River". It's been a great way for him to learn and get fmailiar with sacred music. 

7. Cross wall art*: Our oldest son's Godfather made him a cross for his room. It is so special and is something we will keep in his room forever. Consider some wall art or decorations that can grow with the child! This one* is pretty similar to the one we have, but there are so many options to choose from. Some others you might like are this standing wooden cross* or this wall art* with a cross and heart in color of your choice.  I also love this one* that you that you can personalize with their name, date, and a bible verse. 

8. Children's Bible*: A lot of churches gift a bible to the family as part of the baptism. However, if theirs doesn't, a children's bible* is a great, practical baptism present. 

9. This Little Light of Mine Lift-The-Flap Book*: My youngest son received this book for his baptism. No child can resist a lift-the-flap book*! This one has beautiful illustrations and is to the song we all know and love. The last page opens up to a huge picture and a bible verse. One of my favorites that we still read weekly. 

10.  Plush lamb*: Last but not least is a stuffed lamb*. I love this one because you have the option to both personalize it or leave it "plain". If a lamb isn't your style, check out this elephant* or baptism teddy bear* instead!

11. Bible Themed Water Wow*: Bonus number eleven but couldn't leave this off. A bible themed water wow is an amazing gift for kids. This is a resuable paint kit that only needs water. What makes this the perfect baptism gift is that this is the perfect item for parents to throw in their bag to take to church with the kiddos! This provides great, easy to transport, quiet entertainment for the little ones during a church service. This brand* has a lot of options with a religious theme to browse, but this Melissa and Doug Bible Themed Water Wow* is the exact one we have! (At time of posting, the Melissa and Doug water wow is out of stock on Amazon so linking from a smaller business here, as well.

Those are my top favorite gifts to give and receive for a child's baptism. Have another idea that you've given or received and absolutely loved? Please share in the comments!

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