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Wednesday, June 05, 2024

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Today I am sharing my favorite gift ideas for him! These are all things I have gifted in past years that are well-used and loved. If you are looking for men's gift ideas, you're in the right place! These are gifts that would make a great father's day gift. If you are looking for other men's gift guides, you might want to check out this post where I shared golf-themed gift ideas for him, my last minute gift ideas for him blog post, or father's day gift ideas from Minted blog post. 

Father's Day Gift Ideas | Gift Ideas for Him | What to Buy Dad for Father's Day this Year | Father's Day Gift Ideas for Husband | Men's Gift Guide

Portable Outdoor Rocking Chair  -  I gave a pair of these to my husband for his birthday a few years ago and it has been an amazing gift! I originally bought them for him to take to Chiefs tailgates, but he gets so much more use out of them. Right now, since we have young kids playing in the driveway all the time, we bust these out for sitting in the driveway while watching the kids play. We also take them to BBQs at friends houses. They are comfy and fold up easily. Get two!

Blackstone Grill - I think a grill in general is a fun gift, but I've been wondering for awhile now if my husband would like a Blackstone. It has a wide surface area that you can cook a variety of things on in addition to grilling meat, like hibachi, vegetables, eggs, etc.

If you do a lot of tailgating or camping, you might want to consider a portable tailgate grill*! I had gotten my husband one of these years ago when we were going to lots of Royals and Chiefs games together. (Don't forget the propane tanks.)

Men's Gift Ideas | Gift Ideas for Him | Unique Gift Ideas for Him | Men's Gift Guide | A Memory of Us

Fair Harbor Swimsuit - I first read about Fair Harbor in a Real Simple magazine. I immediately loved their mission and how they recycle plastic water bottles to make their products. Since then, I have bought my husband two swimsuits and two pairs of shorts from them. We have even gifted a pair to my father-in-law! At time of publishing, they are offering free shipping on all orders. My husband has a pair of The Anchor Swim Trunks, a pair of the The Bayberry Trunks, and two pairs of their one shorts. I love that each product tells you how many plastic bottles were recycled to make the product. 

Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirts - My husband is obsessed with these pocket cotton short sleeve t-shirts. He has multiple colors and he wears them all the time. I know clothing is not something my husband usually wants to shop for or spend his money on, so he always appreciates some wardrobe update gifts. They come in 10 colors so you are sure to find one that the guy you are shopping for loves! 

Everyday Fashion Sneakers - I think some fun, every day fashion sneakers are a great gift idea. They aren't something that have to be fitted juuuuust right like running shoes, so it makes them easier to buy as a gift. There are so many cool, unique options out there. I personally love the simplicity of these, but I don't think you can wrong with Adidas or Vans, either.

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day This Year | Men's Gift Guide | Gift Ideas for Him | Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas | Father's Day Gift Ideas You Haven't Thought of Yet | Father's Day Presents

Bluetooth Speaker - A few years ago, I got my husband a JBL Bluetooth Speaker as a gift. He wanted something he could easily take golfing. It has held up well so wanted to share it here. We actually just took it on a trip with friends so we could listen to music in the AirBnB. This exact speaker comes in four colors and is water proof.

Backpack Cooler - I shared a similar idea on my Mother's Day Gift Guide, but this insulated backpack is seriously awesome. In fact, my husband, Father-in-Law, and Brother-in-Law all have one. (I believe my brother-in-law discovered it first.) Such a great, easy, way to transport things you want to keep cold! I love the backpack design especially, as it frees up your hands to carry other things. Currently, this backpack cooler comes in three colors.

Headlamp - In previous years, my husband has had various tools on his birthday, father's day, or Christmas wish list. Something random I feel like everyone can use is a headlamp. It comes in handy for projects! We actually bought each of our boys one for Christmas last year since they always want to be like Dad, ha. 

Gift Ideas for Him  | Unique Gift Ideas for Men | Father's Day Gift Ideas | Father's Day Gifts You Haven't Thought Of | Unique Gifts for Him

Slim Wallet - Another gift I purchased for my husband a few years back. He really wanted a slim wallet that would hold just the essentials. 

Ice Cream - I love finding unique gifts to give. Sometimes you really want to give someone a physical gift, but they don't really want more stuff. One of my favorite options for gifts like that is a fun food item. In the past, I have sent bundles of eCreamery Ice Cream. Who wouldn't be pumped about some delicious ice cream showing up on their doorstep!? At time of posting, they are running a promo to add 2 extra pints to any order. In addition to selecting your flavors, you can also select fun sayings or pictures for the ice cream pints! This is a local business to Omaha, NE - where I grew up. I always think its fun to support the local shops! 

Bucket Hat - If your husband is outside a lot working in the yard, spending time at the lake, pool, etc... consider a bucket hat for a gift. The extra coverage is really nice for longer periods spent outside. I have actually gifted my hubby two bucket hats over the years. One was Nebraska Huskers bucket hat and the other is a Royals bucket hat. They are this brand.

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas | Father's Day Gift | Father's Day | Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad | Father's Day Gift Ideas for Husband | Father's Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Whiskey Decanter - If the guy you are shopping for enjoys a glass of whiskey, consider a Whiskey Decanter and a set of whiskey glasses. Complete the gift with a bottle of his favorite whiskey!

Beard Trimmer - This was a pandemic Father's Day gift purchase for me. My husband needed an upgrade to his beard trimmer. This is a practical gift for men that will get used regularly!

Utility Folding Wagon - The only item on this list that I have yet to buy as a gift.  My husband has had a utility wagon on his wish list for awhile now. It would be handy for when we are bringing lots of stuff with us places -- like to a sporting event for kids, meeting friends to tailgate in a parking lot, going to the park, or even just around the house. This one* is under $70, has a 4.71 star rating out of 5 stars, and almost 750 reviews!

What are your favorite gift ideas for him? Do you have a favorite last minute gift idea for father's day? Share your favorite men's gift ideas in the comments so we can all learn from one another! I hope you found some unique gift ideas for him in this post! 

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