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Monday, June 10, 2024

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Reading with my kids is one of my favorite things to do. I love when they want to snuggle up in a chair and read books together! We always read before bed, but it makes me so happy when they reach for books at other times throughout the day.

Lift the Flap books are books that have helped my kids develop an interest in reading from a young age. Having the activity to do on each page keeps them engaged. Today I thought I would share our favorite lift the flap books! These would make great additons to your child's bookshelf. I hope you find some new lift the flap books to add your library at home in this post. (Psst. these would also make a great gift for a little one!) Below you will find the best lift the flap books for toddlers and the best lift the flap books for babies! 

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Mail Duck - Mail Duck is my favorite lift the flap book to gift, because I feel like it's not really well known. In this book, mail duck is delivering different packages to his friends. Each package is a different shape so it is great shape recognition practice. His friends all work together to give mail duck a big surprise at the end! 

Mail Duck Helps a Friend - The adventures of mail duck continue is this book. Mail quail is sick and all the friends find something to give him to make him feel better. Each item gifted has a specific color, so this book is all about learning colors. Mail duck picks up the surprises to deliver to help mail quail feel better. This is another great gift option as again, I feel like not many people know about it!

Pop-Up Peekaboo! Baby Animals - A lift the flap page with big flaps, making it easy for little hands. My son also loves the farm version.

Dear Zoo - One of my all time favorites, and one my son still reaches for at almost 2.5. In this story, the reader writes a letter to a zoo asking for a pet. The zoo keeps sending zoo animals that are sent back because they are too big, scary, naughty, etc. It happens again and again until they finally send the right animal. Great way to practice animal names and sounds!

Open the Garge Door - Another one of my kids favorites. In this book, you get to learn about different vehicles. An example is a page that asks "What is big and yellow and takes kids to school?" with you lifting a flap to find a school bus. Both my kiddos love vehicles so they have always loved this book.

Open The Barn Door - Some concept as the book above and less than $5. In this book you learn about different animals on the farm. Another great book for learning animals and their sounds.

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This Little Light of Mine - I shared this book in my baptism gift ideas blog post. This book is the song "This Little Light of Mine". Each page has a few flats to lift and the last page opens up huge. We received this as a baptism gift so it is something we will continue to hold on to! 

Little Blue Truck's Springtime- We love Little Blue Truck in this house. Two of the subsequent Little Blue Truck books have flaps! In this one, you lift the flap to see what new animals have been born on the farm.

Little Blue Truck Halloween - In this Little Blue Truck book, all the animals are dressed in costume for a Halloween party. Lift the flap to find out who is wearing each costume! My four year old still enjoyed this book this past Halloween.

When I Grow Up I Want to Drive... Lift the Flap Book - If your kiddos love vehicles - get this book! Each page is all about a different "site" and the vehicles there... for example an airport, the farm, or a construction site. My son originally found this in Barnes and Nobel and wouldn't put it down. There was no way I was leaving the store without it haha.

Look Inside Things That Go - This is like the previous book X 100000. So many flaps to lift to learn about different things that go! My 4 year old still likes this book. Has a lot of facts about each type of vehicle within the flaps. 

The Clean-Up Crew: A Lift-The-Flap Truck Book - Both my kiddos (currently 4 and 2) have loved this book these past few months. Each page is about a different truck that helps keep the city clean. 

Where are Baby's Easter Eggs? - For whatever reason, both my kids have latched on to this book and we read it year round. Help baby look for her Easter eggs!

Where's Spot? - It's time for Spot to eat dinner! Help his mom search for him throughout the house so that he can eat his food.

Happy Love Day, Daniel Tiger! - My son loved this book this last Valentine's Day. In this book, Daniel talks about all the different ways we can show someone that we care about them. 

Did I miss your favorite lift the flap book? What is your favorite lift the flap book to give as a gift? These are all great lift the flap board books that your kiddo is sure to love! 

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