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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Today I am taking a break from my usual OOTD posts to talk about a product I recently received in the mail and absolutely love. Paper Style sent me a personalized stationary ink stamper to use for mail throughout the wedding planning process!

I have wanted one ever since seeing them on Pinterest but was hesitant to order one. I never found a company that had consistently good reviews of their stampers, until I discovered Paper Style. The other reviews I read always said that it didn't stamp evenly, the words didn't transfer well, etc. I have had zero problems with the stamper since ordering it and using it! It looks exactly like the images say it will.

They have so many different styles and themes I honestly want to order another one. I love this one where you can added in your wedding date. They would be great for teachers too! Tyler and I chose one with our address so that we can use it instead of return labels on our thank you cards. Since we do not yet know what our invitations will look like (read about that here) it is hard to say if we will use it for them or not! I've already started using it on all the mail we send out :).

If you are looking for this type of product, I highly recommend it! It is very cool because the ink is included with the stamper. It is made to last for 30,000 uses so you probably won't have to replace it. I like that you only have to keep track of one product, rather than the stamp and the ink. If you do run out of ink you can order more from the website! (They have lots of different colors, too!) Here is how ours looks when stamped:

Unfortunately I cannot give you a better picture without actually including my address. Hopefully you are able to see how great it looks though :). If you have any questions, please let me know or contact Paper Style directly. They have 24/7 live chat to help. They are currently running a lot of promotions on their website, if you wish to order something!!

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24 thoughts

  1. I need a personal stamper like this! The design is so cute!


  2. Amazing style!

    I’m waiting for your opinion on my latest post!

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    Kisses, Alice.

  3. Very cute stamp... <3


  4. These stampers are cute, I think they are a great idea... especially lovely for when you are getting married Darcy :)

  5. Great idea!

  6. This is a sweet idea. Also I imagine it would make me write more letters, because stamping with your own personal stamp must give you a fun postoffice feeling ;)


  7. Very pretty make it stand out love this stamp.

  8. So cute! I love your stamp! My friends did a stamp for their wedding and they loved it too. It's such a fun, personal touch to everything!

    <3, Pamela

  9. i LOVE personal stamps. i won an etsy giveaway gift card and the only thing i wanted to buy was a personal address stamp (and did - and loved it!)

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  10. So cute! I have something similar that I used for our wedding save the dates :)

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  11. Hi dear, thank you greatly for your last comment. I love this idea, I really need to get one too, its the perfect thing for letters and cards and personal belongings.

  12. Omgsh so cute!! I love that and it will be perfect for all your wedding stuff coming up :)


  13. So cute!! And so perfect for your upcoming wedding!!

    <3 Shannon

  14. This is so cute! Perfect for all your upcoming wedding correspondence:)

  15. I want one! I've been in search of a new one. My old stamper is boring and small print. I love this! Thanks!


  16. I love this! I definitely need to invest in this!

  17. These are so awesome! I am going to have to tell the bride that I am a Maid of Honor for about this! They would be beautiful invitations!

    Love Always,

  18. Those are so cute! I love all the options too! Thanks for telling us about them.

  19. I have been debating getting a personalized stamp. I keep thinking that I want to sell my house and move so I haven't done it yet.


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