Easy Swaps I've Made to Lower Toxins in My Home

Thursday, November 16, 2023

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Over the last year, I have gotten incredibly interested in health and wellness. I have learned so much about the products I am using in my home and how they impact my family's health. For me, once I started learning about toxic products and the harm they could do I couldn't get enough. I wanted to learn everything so that I could make better choices for my family. 

However, I wasn't in a position financially to just compeltely overhaul everything in my home. And despite the fact that I loved learning about better food choices, natual remedies, and new products it can get really overwhelming when you decide to just completely purchase all new... everything. 

To make swapping to low-tox living easy, I started just swapping one product out whenver I ran out of something. When I ran out of handsoap, I repalced it with something better. When I ran out of a disinfectant, I replaced it with something better. This made it attainable! It also meant that as I was starting to run out of something, I could do my research to see how I wanted to replace it.

One thing that makes low-tox living a little bit harder is you need to plan ahead. Although you can get some products on Amazon, there is a lot you need to order from the retailer directly, so shipping can take a little longer. Plan ahead so you are able to use the products and brands that you want! 

This list below includes some of the low-tox products I've swapped in that were easy to change.  I am not perfect. This is truly a journey to low-tox living for me. Every day I learn something new and find some kind of changes or improvement I want to make! If you've made a switch to something I don't have listed here, I would love to learn about it! 

1. Deodorant* - This was actually the very first product I switched to a low-tox version. I've tried a few brands but this is my favorite. I'm on a subcription to save some money. I use the scent Blue Tansy. 

2. Hand Soap* - Another item I switched out a long time ago and never looked back! This feels clean, lathers nicely, and doesn't have any harsh chemicals or sketchy fragrance. We now just use the refill option* on a subscription so that we never run out. 

3. Teeth Whitening Strips*  - I'm sure you've seen these non-toxic teeth whitening strips talked about on Instagram. I started using them a few years ago and really like them! Since I've done a whole box before, now I just do one strip a week to maintain color. If I've got an event or pictures coming up, I'll use them a little more often leading up to that event. 

4. Mouthwash - There's a lot to say about why mouthwash/toothpaste/things we put in our mouths need to be high quality. This one is made of great ingredients that can remineralize your teeth. Once I started paying attention to ingredients one of the first things I noticed is places that have unnecessary color added to them. Have you ever looked at your mouthwash ingredients? Guarantee you there is added color to it. Why! What purpose does this serve?! 

5. Lotion* - A recent swap for me since I previously had quite the backstock built up from a Costco visit. This is such an easy thing to swap and it's available on Amazon which makes shipping fast. Comes in a variety of scents but I personally just use the unscented version*. 

6. Active Skin Repair* - If you have young kids, just trust me and buy this product. I purchased Active Skin Repair awhile ago to keep in our first aid kit and wow do we get tons of use out of it! With two active little boys, we continually have scrapes or scratches to clean up. This heals their skin so quickly and has no sting! We also get a ton of use out of this to help with diaper rash. I will spray this first and then do a layer of diaper rash cream. Any diaper rash is almost completley gone within 24 hours. Can't say enough good things!

7. Force of Nature Natural Disinfectant* - I've gotta sing this stuff's praises because wow do I love this product! I started using Force of Nature to disinfect my home probably back in July. It has changed the game for me! You make your own cleaner with this product using water, electricity, and solution they provide. It works and smells great. One thing I love about it is that the bottle you make is only good for two weeks. (Hear me out, I realize this sounds crazy.) At first when I read that, I thought it was kind of weird and that I wouldn't like it. However, I really wanted to give Force of Nature a shot so I figured I'd try it anyways. ~6 months later I love this because I feel like I am cleaning my house more often. If I know the bottle is only good for two weeks, I find myself spraying down the counters every night, wiping the high chair, etc. Of course I was cleaning those things in the past but now I feel like I am doing such a better job. It is a 12 oz bottle so it is very easy to use in the course of two weeks. Force of Nature can seriously be used on everything - kitchen counters, toilets, yoga mats, high chairs, shoes! You name it.. it cleans it. (It also preserves the life of a vase of flowers!)  I ordered the year supply of Force of Nature Bundle*

8. Laundry Detergent* - Laundry detergent is an important item to swap to a low-tox version because you are wrapped up in your laundry all day long. Your clothes, your bedding, your towels -- everything you touch/wear uses it. Make the swap to something better! 

9. Beekeeper's Naturals* - I first heard about Beekeeper's Naturals* on a podcast a few years ago and was immediately intrigued. An all natural way for immune support and to hold off illnesses? Sign me up! I have one for me and one for the kids*. For most of the year we only use it when someone feels an illness coming on, but during the months when sickness is more prevalent, we use it as a way to try to hold off any illnesses. I definitely think it helps shorten colds and keeps us healthy!

10. Rowe Casa Earache Oil - Rowe Casa is a new brand to me. (I just recently placed my first order with them.) I am trying a bunch of their products but already need to praise the earache oil. Both of my boys have always been prone to ear infections. My oldest had tubes when he was 1.5 and they have started falling out (which was to be expected as he grew). One month after the first tube fell out, he already had an ear infection in that ear! I didn't want to go down that path again so immediately began looking into what options we had. I ordered this and a few days later, my youngest started pulling on his ear. We used these and 3 days later he was less fussy, never pulled on his ear, and never developed a fever. I truly think it saved us a trip to the doctor's and a round of antibiotics! 

Easy Swaps for Toxic Free Living, Small Changes to Make to Lower Toxicity In Your Home, Journey to Low Tox Living, A Memory of Us

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