Christmas Gifts for an 18 Month Old

Monday, November 13, 2023

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Wondering what to buy an 18-month-old for Christmas? They can be a hard age to shop for because they're starting to outgrow the baby toys, but aren't necessarily ready for some of the "older" toys either. (I think Busy Toddler calls them "TABYs" since they are in the middle stages of toddler and baby ha!) These are things we either have and love, we play with at Grandma's house, or they are on the list for this year. For reference, my son turns 2 in February. These are all great Christmas gift ideas for an 18-month-old. Many of them are things they will be able to continue to play with as they get older. (I can attest to this as the items we have from this list, my 3.5 year old will still play with today!) I hope you find the perfect gift for the 18-month-old in your life in my suggestions below. 

1. Tunnel* - This is the exact play tunnel* we have. Out son loves it so much at home that we actually bought another one to donate to his daycare. Our 3.5 year likes to play with it, too. It folds up sooo nicely so it doesn't take up a ton of space when not in use.  Our nephew has this one* and it is a little cheaper if you are looking for a toddler gift idea under $15. 

2. Poke a Dot Books* - One of my very favorite gifts to give and to get. No kid can resist popping the dots as you read the book. There are so many stories available depending on your interests. We have the Poke-A-Dot: Wheel On The Bus* and the Poke-A-Dot Who's In the Ocean* books. At time of writing, they are on sale for buy 2 get 1 free that you can combine with other books/games! 

3. MEGA BLOKS* - MEGA BLOKS* (or big legos as they are called in our house) are a huge hit. A great way to introduce legos and building blocks to your little one. My 3.5 year old will still play with these as well so there is some longevity here! They come with a nice bag that makes storage and clean-up easy.

4. Green Toys Vehicles* - I don't know if I can sing Green Toys' praises anymore than I already have. (They are mentioned in both my Christmas Gift Ideas for a One Year Old post and my Easter Basket Ideas for a One Year Old post.) Their toys are so well made, durable, and great for imaginative play! Our youngest is likely getting the Green Toys School Bus* for Christmas this year. We also have and love the Dump Truck*Fire Truck*Car Transporter*, and Paddle Boat*.

5. Busy Board* - A busy board* is a great option for something to keep your toddler entertained and practicing their fine motor skills. There are so many options and price points out there to choose from. This one* lets you personalize it and has different color options. We personally don't have a busy board as my mom made the boys felt busy books instead. These are great toys for quiet time! If you aren't crafty, you can buy a felt busy book here*

6. Outdoor Chair* - Once your little one is on the move, they will love having furniture that is the perfect size for them. I love the Anywhere Chair* for inside (we have the navy with white pipping anywhere chair*). If you're anything like us, you spend tons of time outside with your kiddos! We are running through the sprinkler, playing with chalk, pushing play lawn-mowers, etc. Your little one will love to have somewhere they can sit while outside. I know it's winter, so it can be hard to think of playing outside.. but spring will be here before you know it! This toddler adarandak chair* is adorable and less than $10. 

7. Learning Resources Pia the Fill & Spill Pinata* - A great toy to practice colors, counting, and work on fine motor skills. Drop the candies into the slot in the pinata. Once done, open the back to spill them all out and do it again. Works on their pincer grasp, too! If you like this idea, but not necessary the pinata design*, head to this link* that has similar concepts and just a different design. (Think piggy bank, cookies in the cookie jar, fish in the fish tank, etc.) 

8. Tea set* - If your kiddo is into pretend play, a tea set* is a great gift. This is also a good option if you don't have room in your space for a full kitchen but know they would like something like that. (Another good option if you don't have room for a full kitchen is this grilling set*.) My son plays with this all time and loves to make us coffee. The first set I linked is what we have, and it is stainless steel. If you want something plastic or more colorful instead, check out this tea set from Green Toys*. (See topic number 4 for my love of green toys ;)). 

9.  Balls - Get your little  one some kind of ball to kick, throw, and chase after! Whether it's a playground ball*, a soccer ball*, or one of these sensory balls* that is better for inside; they will love it! 

10. Vacuum*- All kids love playing with a vacuum. In fact, my son's daycare room has so many kids that want to play vacuum that they now have 6 in their classroom of 8 kids! My mom has this one* for playtime at her house. All the kids love it and its a great price point for a gift at $25. If you're looking for something a little cheaper (currently on sale for less than $15) check out this toddler play vacuum* instead. 

Anything I missed that you loved getting for your 18 month old? Or did I miss your favorite thing to gift to an 18 month old? Sound off in the comments! 

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