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Wednesday, November 08, 2023

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Merch | KC Swiftie Gear | Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs Merch | Taylor Swift Chiefs | A Memory of Us

Calling all Kansas City Swifties - today's post is for you!!! I've lived in Kansas City for ~10 years now and have loved watching the Chiefs. Similarly, I've loved Taylor Swift since her "Tim McGraw" days. I even saw her open in concert for Brad Paisley back in the day. When I saw her attending the Chiefs game earlier this season I loved it. I just throught it was so fun! I wanted to get a fun shirt to signify my love for both the KC Chiefs and Taylor Swift.

KC Chiefs and Taylor Swift Gear | Taylor And Travis Clothes | Kansas City Swiftie | Taylor Swift and the Chiefs Gear | A Memory of Us | Karma is my Tight End

Luckily, the stores have delivered on some fun merch. There are things with more subtle references to "Traylor" and also items very clearly stating you're hear for Travis Kelce/Chiefs/Taylor Swift. Whatever your heart desires... I've got you covered with the items highlighted below! If you're looking for a good gift idea for the Swiftie in your life... check out the items below! I think you'll find something that will make the perfect Christmas gift for a Taylor Swift fan. 

If you're looking for shirts....

In my Kelce Era Shirt* (6 colors available) 

Swiftie T-shirt* (Options for unisex t-shirt, fitted t-shirt, crewneck, hoodie, croptop, youth shirt) 

In My Chiefs Era T-Shirt* (8 colors available) 

1989 KC Chiefs Themed Sweatshirt* (10+ colors available) 

Loving Him Is Red Shirt* (3 colors available)

Go Taylor's Boyfriend Shirt* (t-shirt or sweatshirt, 10+ color options) 

If you're looking for other fun merch...

Kansas City Chiefs Taylor Swift Themed Merchandise | KC Swiftie Gear | In My Chiefs Era | Taylor Swift Themed Christmas Gifts | A Memory of Us

Chiefs Taylor's Version Hat* (3 colors available)

Taylor's Version Coffee Mug* (10+ color options, 2 sizes) 

In My Chiefs Era Hat* (5 colors) 

How the Kingdom Lights Shined Taylor Swift Shirt | A Memory of Us | KC Blog | Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Merch

||How the (Chiefs) Kingdom Lights Shined Long-Sleeve Shirt* | Thick Gold Hoop Earrings* ||

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