Two Year Old Easter Basket Ideas | What to Buy a 2 Year Old for Easter

Friday, March 15, 2024

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I wanted to follow up my last post, Easter Basket Ideas for a 4 Year Old, with a "What to Buy a 2 year old for Easter" blog post. My boys are currently 4 and 2 so I needed to cover both their ages!

As I mentioned in my "What to Buy a 4 Year Old for Easter" blog post, we keep things pretty simple for Easter in our house. We follow the motto of "Something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read". Below are some options I love for each of those categories! We either have all these things or they will be in my son's Easter basket this year.

Psst. If you are looking for additional gift ideas, check out this post with Practical Gift Ideas for Kids.

Unique Easter Basket Ideas for a 2 Year Old | Toddler Easter Ideas | What to Buy a Toddler for Easter | Easter Basket Gift Ideas | 2 Year Old Easter Gift Ideas | A Memory of Us

Something They Want

  1. Small Cars: We gave my son these Fisher-price Blaze and The Monster Machine Monster Trucks* for Christmas and ohhhh my goodness he is obsessed. Blaze sleeps in his room (we say night-night to Blaze after we read books), he picks him up first thing when he gets out of his crib, and he rides in the car to daycare. These are the perfect size for little hands. Blaze and the Monster Machines is definitely geared towards older kids, but we have a 4-year-old too. Big brother loves the show so little brother watches with him. Even if your kiddos aren't watching the show, they will still like playing with these monster trucks!
  2. Little Tikes Golf Set: When my oldest turned 2, his main Easter present was this Little Tikes Golf Set*. Since my kiddos both have winter birthdays, I like to give warm-weather or outdoor toys for Easter. If you don't think your child would like the golf set, consider a kickball* instead. My son was gifted one of these for his birthday, and he has loved taking it to the park with us recently now that it is getting warmer.
  3. Light Board Busy Board: My son received this LED Busy Light Board* for his birthday and it is awesome. Honestly, my 4 year old likes to play with it too. It doesn't make any noise, is great for fine-motor skills, and is compact. Would be a great toy to bring for airplane travel, church, etc. Currently on sale for $16.99*
Something They Need

  1. Life Jacket*: Now, this is very specific to our family, but we spend a lot of time in the summer at the lake. By age 2, we have grown out of our infant life jacket so it is time to grab the next size! This is the brand* I've always purchased for my boys. 
  2. Backpack*: If your kiddo is in daycare, between ages 2-3 you will want a backpack. It is so handy for bringing things to/from daycare. For example, in the winter you can throw hat/gloves in it. In the summer, when they do water play at daycare, it gives you an easy place for a change of clothes. Not to mention somewhere to put all the artwork they bring home! This is the exact backpack* my older son has. More color and pattern options* are available here. Get the large size!
  3. New Plates*: If your child has always eaten off the high-chair tray, or has really used their plate over the last year and a half, consider upgrading their dinner wear for Easter. These plates* have great reviews. 

What to Buy a 2 Year Old for Easter | Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers | 2 Year Old Easter Ideas | A Memory of Us | What to Buy for Toddler Easter Basket | Simple Easter Ideas for Toddlers

Something To Wear

  1. Swimsuit* - How many times can I share this toddler swimsuit*? I have mentioned this swimsuit in multiple gift guides because I absolutely love it. It is great quality and the patterns are all super fun! Easter is a great time to gift things your kiddo will need for Summer. If you have a little girl, I think this swimsuit* is adorable!
  2. Raincoat* - At this age, having a rain coat* is super handy. They can walk by themselves into a store or in/out of daycare, if it's just sprinkling you might take a neighborhood walk, etc. I love the pretty yellow color of this one*! Similar idea here is am umbrella*. My son is getting the shark print umbrella* in his Easter basket this year! 
  3. Sunglasses*  - Sunglasses make a great gift. In fact, these have been one of my favorite gifts to give to friends when a new baby is born, especially if they are a 2nd/3rd/etc. baby. They're something you want but don't always think of! This brand* is my favorite because they do not break and come in lots of colors. 
Something To Read

  1. The Potty Book*: Potty training is probably in your near future if your child is 2! Consider some potty training books for their Easter basket. I got most of ours from the library, but I liked this one* so much I bought a copy. (It comes in a girl version* as well.) My son also really thought this Super Pooper and Whizz Kid Potty Power book* was hilarious. 
  2. I Spy Books*: I mentioned this in my What to Buy a 4 Year Old for Easter blog post, but both my kiddos love I Spy books. The smaller board books* are great for younger audiences. He loves finding the images and it has also been great vocabulary practice as he will say things like "There's the blue car!" 
  3. "Where do .... books*": If your kiddo loves vehicles, you must check out the "Where do...?"* books. These books talk about where steam boats, speeed trains, jet planes, construction vehicles, etc. sleep at night and how they get ready for bed. They are so clever. There is a mouse on each page that your kids will have fun finding, too! We own 5 different versions of this book so I think you could say we are all obsessed. Current top two in rotation are Where Do Speedboats Sleep At Night* and Where do Jet Planes Sleep At Night*

If you are looking for more gift ideas for a 2 year old, check out this blog post that shares My Favorite Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old. I hope you found some unique Easter gift ideas for a 2 year old in this post! These are my favorite ideas for what to put in an Easter backet for a 2 year old. 

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