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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

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Today I am sharing Easter basket ideas for a 4 year old. My son turned 4 in January. Some of the items I'm sharing are going to be in his Easter basket this year. Others are things we gifted for Christmas or his birthday that I think would make a great Easter gift. We never go too overboard for Easter. I really try to follow the "something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read" motto for an Easter basket. If you're looking for other ideas, you can check out this post where I shared Easter basket ideas for a one-year-old

Like I mentioned, I try to stick to stuff they'll need/use for Easter gift ideas.  Both my kids have winter birthdays, so I treat Easter as a time to give all the summer/warm-weather gifts! Most of what you'll see below are things that are great for playing outside or warm weather. For example, every year for Easter my kiddos get pajamas with shorts or short-sleeve to wear as it warms up. 

What are you getting your kiddos for Easter? I would love to hear your ideas about what to give for Easter so that I can reference it for next year!

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Something They Want

  1. Book of Mazes: At four, my son no longer naps. However, we have quiet time in his room every day. We also have "quiet play time" in the evening after younger brother goes to bed. One thing he loves to do during this quiet time is color or practice mazes! He has been really interested in mazes lately, so this jumbo book of mazes* would make a great gift. You can't go wrong with a coloring book*, either. Don't forget the crayons*!
  2. New Game: We love game time in our house! (Check out this post for some of my favorite games for a three-year-old.) A game I've had on my to-buy list for awhile is Outfoxed*. It seems similar to Clue Junior*, but you work together to solve the mystery. 
  3. Play Blender*: My little one loves to play kitchen. A blender* would be a great addition to his kitchen set. I love that this one* is simple and doesn't have a ton of pieces since we already have a lot of play food. This blog post includes some of my favorite play food/play kitchen sets. 

Something They Need

  1. Piggy Bank: My son is starting to pay attention to money. (Mostly because he always wants to get a snack from the vending machine after swim lessons!) He loves finding coins on the ground when we are at the park. We give coins in Easter eggs during the Easter hunt, too. So, between those things it is time for him to have a piggy bank*! I picked one that is unbreakable and comes in 10 colors. 
  2. Apron: I shared this in my Gift Ideas for Kids that Aren't Toys Blog Post originally. My son loves to help in the kichen! He especially loves to bake, which can get messy at times. An apron* would make a great gift so that he can help in the kitchen without getting clothes dirty! 
  3. Water Bottle: Now is a great time to replace your kiddo's water bottle. We gave each of my sons this stainless steel water bottle* in their Christmas stocking. Honestly, I like it so much more than anything else we have bought. I am even considering getting each of them another to replace the other styles we have. It comes in multiple sizes and patterns*, so you're sure to find a design your child loves. 

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Something To Wear

  1. Warm weather PJs: Mentioned above, but every year my kiddos get warm-weather pjs in their Easter basket. I am loving this set that has pants with short-sleeves* and these ones that are shorts and short-sleeves with constructive vehicles all over*
  2. Baseball Cap: Something else that will for sure be in my son's Easter basket this year... a new baseball cap! By now, he has grown out of all the toddler sizes hats and is ready for the next size up. Most likely, he will be getting a Kanas City Chiefs hat* this year to replace the one he has grown out of! 
  3. New Summer Shoes: Now is a great time to gift sandals, slip-on sneakers, or rainboots to your kiddo! My son had a pair of these Native Slip-On Sneakers* and they were perfect for days at the lake, going to the pool, and water play for daycare. (I love that they are water-proof but still closed toe so he can run and wear them at the lake easily!) These would be my pick for new sandals*  and these rainboots* are super fun! 
Something To Read

  1. Waiting Is Not Easy!* - We love Elephant and Piggie books in our house. This one* would be a great addition to our library. Let's Go For a Drive!* is one of our other favorite Elephant and Piggie books.
  2. Construction Site: Taking Flight* - We gave my son this book for Christmas and he loves it! It talks all about building an airport. Our kiddos went on their first flight in February, so it was nice to be able to use the book to talk through some of the things they'd see in the airport. If your kiddo loves constructive vehicles, check this one* out. 
  3. I Spy Books* - I'm sure you remember I Spy books from when you were younger. Kids today love them, too! These are a fun book* to add to an Easter basket as they are an activity your kid can do individually, or you can complete it together! 

What are you giving your child for Easter? I'd love to know! Share your easter gift basket ideas in the comments! 

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