7 Reasons Why I Use and Love HelloFresh

Friday, May 03, 2024

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I am sure you all have heard of HelloFresh before, but if not it is a meal prep service. Each week you can choose 3 meals to be sent to your doorstep. (I also recently learned you can edit your box to select more or less than 3 meals to be included!)  They have over 30 meals to choose from each week, so you're sure to find something you'll like. When it ships, it ships in a temperature controlled box with preportioned ingredients. Each recipe comes in a paper bag with all the ingredients you need to make the meal, with the exception of things like olive oil. salt, pepper, or butter. (Meat products are packed separately.)

Meal prep is incredibly easy as everything you need is in that paper bag. In the bag you'll find any veggies, dairy products, sauces, spices, etc. Each recipe comes with a recipe card with step by step picture instructions to guide you as you are cooking. 

HelloFresh helps reduce food waste as they only send you exactly what you need. No more buying a giant bottle of some kind of sauce if you only need 2 tablespoons. HelloFresh is America's number one meal kit for a reason! It gives you a chance to have delicious homemade meals during the week, sent straight to your door.

I have used HelloFresh off and on for years. (In fact, I went back through my recipe cards I've saved from them and have more than 30 saved!) I thought today I would share some of the benefits of HelloFresh and reasons why I love it.

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  1. HelloFresh recipes get me out of my comfort zone.
    • Although I love meal planning and finding new recipes, I tend to stick with things I know. (After all, that makes it easier to search on Pinterest!) However, it is so nice to try new things or new ingredients I might have otherwise skipped over. I love that they encourage me to try new food combinations or new ingredients. 
    • A silly example here is HelloFresh's meal of firecracker meatballs. This is one of my all-time favorite HelloFresh dishes (my 4 year old asks for it too). It's essentially beef meatballs, with rice, green beans, and a delish sauce. Nothing crazy. However, before having this meal I would have never thought to make a meatball + rice dish! We love it so much that it has inspired me to search for other, similar recipes. Another example here is the HelloFresh Pork Schnitzel recipe. Again, no outlandish ingredients here, but the meat in the dish is a pork cutlet. This is not something I would have ever bought at the grocery store or really sought out a recipe that uses them prior to this recipe. 

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  2. You can save HelloFresh recipes to make them again on your own.
    • The HelloFresh recipe cards are amazing for meal prep. Step by step pictures to follow could not make it any easier. I keep all my Hello Fresh cards in a special folder to reuse again and again. The only tricky part is nailing down their spices on your own -- since usually they will send something like "mexican seasoning" but I just do my best guess. 
    • We remake a couple recipes over and over again - particularly the aforementioned Firecracker Meatballs and the Salsa Verde Enchiladas
  3. HelloFresh is great for making meals at home special, or for at home date nights. 
    • When I first shared about HelloFresh on Instagram, I received a lot of DMs from people about how they loved this during the pandemic as a way to make an at home date night special. I agree that HelloFresh is a great way to make meals at home special. With two young kids, I am not currently in a phase of life where I'm going out to eat every week. (Heck, even before kids I preferred to cook at home most nights!) But, we still want to have date night and make meal time special at home. HelloFresh meals are restaurant quality at home, so it can feel like you've gone out to eat when you're sitting in your own dining room.
      • Side bar here, but if you compare the cost of going out to eat vs. one box of Hello Fresh that contains 3 meals... HelloFresh is going to come out ahead in terms of cost I'd venture to guess 99% of the time. 
    • It can be easy to get sucked into the monotony of making the same meals each day of the week. Sometimes life is just busy and all you can handle is tacos and spaghetti -- things that don't necessarily require you follow a recipe. However, when you are looking for at home meals that are a little more special, HelloFresh is a great option.
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  4. HelloFresh makes meal planning exciting and easy.
    • I know some people hate meal planning, but I personally love it. Finding recipes that overlap in ingredients -- thinking of what needs to be an easy dinner night because we have activities vs. when we can take a little longer... it's all fun to me. But, that's not for everyone! HelloFresh makes meal planning so easy because they've done the initial work for you. If you are signing up for a HelloFresh box, you can browse the 30+ recipes they've selected for the week and just pick the 3 pictures that you think look and sound the best. All ingredients ship straight to you (minus staples like olive oil) so it also makes groceries needed minimal! 
  5. HelloFresh is great to set up for delivery after traveling.
    • Coming back from a vacation and having to go straight to the grocery store can be hard. Usually you're short on time as you unpack and get ready for work/school the next day. You can sign up for HelloFresh in advance of your trip and pick out the meals you want. Select a delivery date that coincides with when you arrive home and you have taken out a stressor when you come home from a trip! 
  6. HelloFresh is yummy!
    • Every single meal we have had from HelloFresh has been delish! No complaints from our house. 
  7. HelloFresh always has rotating promotions. 
    • HelloFresh is always changing out their promotions. Below is the current HelloFresh promo code I have available. 
    • My HelloFresh promo code today is for  10 Free Meals and Free Dessert for Life - with this promo your first box for two people is only $29.93!!
      • When you join HelloFresh you will get one free dessert for life + 10 free meals + free shipping on your first box! 

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7 Reasons Why I Love HelloFresh | HelloFresh Review | HelloFresh Promo Code | Is HelloFresh Good? | Is HelloFresh Worth It

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