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The Best Outdoor Toys for Your Kids This Summer! | Toddler Outdoor Toys | Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

Friday, May 10, 2024

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We make it a priority to get our kids outside every single day. During the warmer months, usually that means some form of water play, probably a park run, and more! At time of publishing, my kids are 2 and 4. Since we spend so much time outdoors, I have a lot of ideas about fun outdoor toys for kids. These are my outdoor toys ideas for toddlers. Many of these are great outdoor toy ideas for a 1 year old as they will grow with your child. These are great outdoor toys for boys and great outdoor toys for girls. I had so many ideas for fun things to play outside with your kids, that I ended up needing to make two posts. Today's post is geared for younger kids and shares outdoor toy ideas for toddlers. In my mind, a lot of these are great toys for ages 3 and under. (Although many will grow with your kids as my 4 year old still plays with what we have from this list.)

Still want more ideas? Looking for outdoor toy ideas for older kids? Check out my blog post with outdoor toy ideas for kids ages 4 and up!

20+ Outdoor Toy Ideas for Toddlers | Outdoor Toys for a 1 Year Old | One Year Old Outdoor Toys | Outdoor Play Ideas for Toddler | Summer Toys for Toddlers

  • Water Table - A water table is an absolute must have outdoor toy for your little one! This is a great way to get sensory water play at a young age. We have this Little Tikes Fish'n Splash Water Table* and both my boys love it. My oldest got it as a birthday gift when he turned 1. They can send the fish down the slide, use the launcher to launch fish into the wable, go "fishing", and scoop up the animals with a net and cup. I've seen some other ones out there that are 2 stories (like this Step2 Double Showers Splash Water Table*) and I think it might have more longevity than the fishing table since it is taller. My oldest is currently 4 so I will be curious to see how much he plays with our exact water table this summer. This one* that has options to send balls around and around in the water table also looks super fun! Water tables can get pricey, so I wanted to call out that this one is currently on sale for less than $40*.
  • Sink or Table Top Water Table* - If you don't have room to store a full water table in your house, consider this Table Top Water Table* instead. Another option here is a play sink with running water*. We gifted this sink to my youngest when he turned 1 and it is something that a year later both he and my 4 year old enjoy playing with. The faucet runs on a battery and they can turn the faucet on and off to play in the sink and wash dishes. The play sink also comes in pink*.

Toddler Outdoor Activities | Outdoor Toys for Toddlers | Outdoor Toys for One Year Old | Summer Play Ideas |

  • Up and Down Roller Coaster* - This roller coaster* is something we don't have room for in our yard, but anytime we are somewhere and they have this toy.... my kids are alllll about it! Kids will love riding the car up and down the little ramp. 
  • Balance Bike* - We picked up a balance bike* for my son when he was a little under 2.5. This is a great way to expose young kids to balancing on a bicycle. We got ours from a garage sale. They can be a little pricey, so here* is an option that is about half the cost of the first link!
  • Radio Flyer Steer and Stroll Trike* - Another item listed in my Favorite Gifts for 2 Year Olds Blog post -- the steer and stroll trike* is one of our most used outdoor toys and has been for years. Both of my sons have loved being pushed on the trike - the tall handle makes it so easy to push them through the neighborhood and they feel more independence than in a stroller.  As your child grows and gets comfortable pedaling, you can remove the handle. My kids also love finding "treasures" while we are out on a walk to put in the storage compartment in the back. 

  • Swing* - Both of my boys have loved this swing*. You can easily hang it by hooks and move it around. In the warmer months it is on our front porch ,and in the winter we have hung it in our basement since it is unfinished. Weight limit is 50 pounds so there is a lot of life in it! 
  • T-Ball Bat Set* - We gifted this t-ball set* to my oldest for Easter when he was roughly 18 months old. It still is a great option for him at four. I love that it stores easily. 
  • Kickball* - A classic outdoor toy for a reason! We always take ours to the park with us. 

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  • Table and Chairs* - If you'll be outside a lot with your kids this summer, consider getting them a kidsized table and chairs. This way they have a place to rest and also have snack! Here are a few options you could check out that are at different price points:  $75 for a table and chair set*, $100 for this set*, and here is a wooden one for $140*. This isn't something we personally have room for, but we do have a couple of these cute kid-sized adirondack chairs* and the kids love having a spot they can sit in between playing! 

  • Backyard bungalow house*  - I know my kids would absolutely love one of these outdoor playhouses. I like these options (patio set with canopy* or the backyard bungalow*) as they are both covered and have lots of play options. Roleplay stations for things like gardening, kitchen, grilling, mail, etc. I also like that they are open so it's easy to see what the kiddos are doing. However, there are also the traditional playhouses like this* if you wanted something a little simpler. 
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  • Grill* - If you don't want a whole house in your backyard, consider getting a play grill* instead. (My kids have this one* from Learning Resources, but it's not something we leave outside.)  There are a variety of options depending on the space you have available and look you are going for! This one* looks like it is big enough for two kids to play-on at the same time. This one is wodden* and while I don't think you'd want to keep it outside, it looks very easy to move around. 

  • Step2 Whisper II Ride-On*- This kind of goes along with the tricycle with the handle, but is another option for ways of transporting your child through the neighborhood besides a stroller. This cute little car* has a handle you can push your child with. It has a working horn, storage under the hood, and folds for storage. I've linked it via Kohls* as it is $15 cheaper there than at Target! Also available in pink here*.

  • Slide* - Another classic toy for little ones. This one* is easy to move so you can take it inside when needed. 
  • Play tent* - A play tent is another fun play space for the outdoors. This one* is shark themed and this one* is mermaids. 
  • No Spill Bubbles* - I think all kids are fascinated with bubbles. I like this container* for little hands so that the solution doesn't spill! 

What is your favorite activity to do with your kids outside? Did I miss your favorite outdoor toy for your toddler? Please share it in the comments so we can all check it out! 

If you want more outdoor toy ideas, be sure to check out this blog post where I shared outdoor toy ideas for older kids.

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