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Thursday, May 16, 2024

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Following up to last week's post that contained 20+ ideas of outdoor toys for toddlers, today's post is all about outdoor toys for older kids. I had so many ideas when I first started writing my post about the best outdoor toys for kids last week, that I had to split it into two age groups. There are many things in my toddler outdoor toys post that my 4 year old still plays with today. That being said...

My post today is all about ideas for the older kids. I would say most of these outdoor toy ideas are for kids ages 4 and up. However, there are plenty of things in here that younger kiddos will love too like a splash pad, chalk, etc. 

We love playing outside at our house! At time of publishing, my kids are ages 2 and 4. We make it a priority to get outside every single day. Some of these are things we have and love, others we play with at friend's houses, or I have them on my "to buy" list. I hope you find some unique ideas for outdoor toys for your kids in this post! 

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  • Car Wash* - This is essentially a water table but it is shaped like a truck and comes with all the accessories to wash the truck*. I've put it in my category for older kids just because I worry a younger kid might not be able to reach the top of the car. I know this is something both of my vehicle obsessed kiddos would absolutely love! 
  • Car Wash Activity Kit* - Similar to the item listed above, consider this car wash activity kit* for your kiddos. My boys love to help Dad wash our cars. Of course they can just use whatever you have at home already, but some tools are nice to have child sized. This set includes an appropriately sized bucket, squeegee, microfiber mitt, wheel brush, and 3 cleaning cloths. 

  • Rake and Shovel Set* - My kids got these this year and I am impressed at the quality. They are actually usable! My kids have loved helping us clean up the yard this spring. 
  • Garden Tools* - Another yard tool you could consider getting your kid this summer is a garden set. This one*  comes with a little canvas bag, gloves, watering can, a small handheld rake, and a little shovel. If you want something with less pieces, consider this one* that is just a little rake and shovel. 

  • Splash Pad* - My kids got one of these for Christmas this year so I can't wait to try it! 
  • Water Slide* - If your yard offers the space for it, consider one of these awesome water slides*This one* has 117 reviews and a 4.9 star rating. 

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  • Chalk* and Chalk Stencils* - My four year old absolutely LOVES to draw with chalk outside. We always buy this 48 pack of colors* for less than $5. For something different for Easter, he got a chalk stencil set*. I had never seen one before! If your kiddo loves to draw chalk, a chalk stencil set* might be a fun addition to your outdoor activites. 
  • Bubble Machine* - Kids (and adults) will get a kick out of chasing bubbles from the bubble machine. Bonus that you don't have to deal with the mess of bubble wands. Don't forget the solution refill*

  • Scooter* - I shared about this in my best gifts for a 3 year old blog post. My son got this exact scooter* when he turned three and he loves it. It gets used all the time! We ride it around the block, to the park, etc. He is so fast on it! I am eyeing something like this youth scooter* or this razor scooter* for a future present as he outgrows what he uses today. 
  • Soccer Ball* + Goal* - I feel like soccer is often the first team sport for most kids. If this is the case for your family, consider getting your own soccer ball*and soccer goal*! We have these so that my son can "play soccer practice" in our yard. It is a great way to just play, but also allows him to keep practicing what he has learned now that our soccer season is over. The first link to the goal included 2, so if you only need 1 you might consider this option* or this fold-n-go one* instead. We have the fold-n-go*

  • Pool* - Once your kid is big enough to upgrade from the wading pool, you might want a slightly larger pool for your yard. This is the one we have.* If you have the space, this one* even has a little bit of shade available. 
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  • Reusable water balloons* - Another repeat from my best gifts for a 3 year old blog post. We absolutely love these resuable water balloons for outdoor play. We drop them in a bucket of water, or our kiddie pool, and the kids can open them and fill them up to throw them. We also take them on vacation with us and play with them at the pool! I recommend you order at least a 12 pack of reusable water balloons*. More is better if you have multiple kiddos!
  • Little Explorer Play Set* - My four year old loves keeping maps from places we go (the zoo, botanical gardens, etc.) and using them to go on adventures in our neighborhood. He has such a good imagination. There are lots of fun explorer play sets* that I know he would absolutely love to use on these adventures! He got a set of binoculars* in his most recent Christmas stocking. 

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  • Battery Powered Car*- Raise your hand if growing up you always wanted a Barbie jeep to ride around the neighborhood in?! They still make really cool batery powered vehicles for kids. (Although this* was the closest I could find to a Barbie jeep!) This one* comes in more than 10 colors. 
  • Sandbox Excavator* - My son got this for his birthday last year and he loves it! If your kid loves construction vehicles and you have the space for it, this sandbox excavator* is a great outdoor toy for older kids. With this toy you can dig sand, move dirt, or even use it in the snow! This is a great toy as it helps teach hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

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What is your favorite thing to do outdoor with kids? Share your favorite outdoor toys for kids in the comments! I think a lot of these are great outdoor toys for kids ages 5-7, but if you have older kids would love to hear what your kids love to play with outside!

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