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Monday, November 23, 2015

Hi, everyone! If you follow along on Instagram, then you know that Tyler and I are currently on vacation in Colorado. We are currently in Breckenridge, and are spending the day hitting the slopes! As I typically do when I travel, I have a guest post lined up for you all today. Today's post is by Elizabeth of Mary Jane Fashion . Mary Jane Fashion is a fashion wholesaler based in the UK. They focus on providing high quality fashion, but also share guidance and stories about fashion.

Take it away, Elizabeth!


More than ever, smart female stars are coming to the forefront of popular consciousness thanks to their combination of intelligence and talent. More and more, we are enjoying listening to and watching women, who have strong opinions, who are willing to tell stories about female experience  and subjectivity and who challenge some of the biggest stereotypes that we have come to associate with womanhood. With eloquence and great style, these women are changing our perceptions, encouraging the rest of us to use our voices to assert ourselves and take control of our own stories. At Mary Jane Fashion, we’ve collated some of the most inspiring, intelligent female stars who have a lot to teach us about our position in the world and the lives we lead.

viola davis stylebistro

Viola Davis won an Emmy in 2015 for her leading role in How to Get Away with Murder, becoming the first African-American woman ever to do so. In her articulate, impassioned speech she celebrated the achievements of her contemporaries and the women who have broken boundaries before her, such as Halle Berry and Kerry Washington, and encouraged writers and producers to keep championing diverse stories. Educated at Juilliard, Davis has given sensitive and nuanced performances in films like Doubt and The Help, becoming a leading and recognisable figure in the struggle for diversity in Hollywood. Often seen in bright block colours and floor-sweeping gowns, she is the epitome of sophistication and empowerment. We love the Zac Posen dress she wore to the Oscars last year and the cobalt blue lightning bolt dress she wore to the premiere of Ender’s Game.

cate blanchett the fashion spot

Cate Blanchett has long been an advocate for better female representation in films, particularly during the awards trail that saw her gather nearly every award for which she was nominated, for her role in Woody Allen’s film Blue Jasmine. Blanchett has never shied away from difficult and challenging roles, such as Elizabeth I, Katharine Hepburn and even Bob Dylan, showing her emotional dexterity and her ability to inhabit the inner space of very public and conflicted figures. She uses her position to champion the stories that are told in our cinemas, eloquently arguing for the economic and social benefits of centering narratives around women’s experiences. A statuesque vision in classic designers like Givenchy and Armani, and in more up-coming designers like Proenza Schouler, Blanchett is graceful and is a modern icon.

lucy liu radio times

For many millennials, we were first introduced to Lucy Liu for her role as Alex in Charlie’s Angels. Whilst all three of the ‘angels’ possess highly specialized physical abilities (AKA kicking butt when enemies threaten them), Alex was the brains of the group. It seems that art imitated reality, with Liu a college graduate with a degree Asian languages and cultures: smart, culturally aware, Liu has continued to take on intelligent roles, not least by assuming the part of Dr. Watson in the show Elementary. A modern update of the Sherlock Holmes stories and characters, Dr. Watson is normally the preserve of men; but in this series, the gender has been switched to accommodate this searingly.


Thank you again, Elizabeth for taking over my blog for the day!

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  1. Have an amazing time in Colorado! I've always loved Cate Blanchett, she's just as fabulous off screen as she is on screen <3

    Green Fashionista

  2. Hope you're having a fabulous Darcy! So deserving! Love Cate Blanchett. Amazing actress. Always an advocate! She's in a class by herself.


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